Monday, September 30, 2013

Verde! Square Flowers! Help!

It is over!

It has rained Pyrex for me. Well Sprinkled. Better something than nothing. Guess all I had to do was tell you all about my drought!

 I walked into SA last Wednesday and I saw nothing on my first swoop. At this point I am over it. Over not finding anything. Ready to give up forever. (not really)  Then I walked by and way under the shelves where they put the overflow of dishes I see it. A Square flowers 503! SAAAAWEEET! And amazingly they didn't have the price jacked up! Someone is looking down from the second floor of SA for me! My SA angel.

It even gets a "car picture" for breaking the drought! 
Now my quandary is; Do I finish the second verde set? Or do I just set them up together and not have doubles of the 501s and 502s? Since only the 503 are different in the 2 versions of Verde/square flowers.

Help me. (I need it in more ways than one)

Friday - I also found another red 501. This one matches one of the reds I already have. So I switched it out. Much better. Plus it had a lid. YAY! little but better than nothing.

The middle is slightly darker. The bottom is the one I just got. The top one I got in MI. 

And I finally found more Spring Blossom plates. I only had 3 of the large ones and I hate washing dishes all the freaking time. So having more will be great. It was under a Pyrex Roaster pan (clear and not anything I want or need it.)


So help me out and tell me what I should do with the Verde/Sqaure flowers?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Bithday to my sweet baby boy

Treasure Hunter Mini turns 5 today!!!!

baby boy

I love him.
1 year old. Time flies.
Happy 2nd Birthday!

Dude turns 3!

4 years old always asking "why!"

King of my world at 5!

Pyrex I didn't buy - 9

So I haven't bought any Pyrex in forever. At least it feels like it. It isn't that I haven't seen Pyrex, I have seen some. Some expensive. Some not so expensive. But nothing for me. How sad.

So here is what I did not buy.

Verde 043
Goodwill, Glendale, CA

DWD bottom. Lots of black marks. Lid was nice. Even with a good scrub and some oil there was no hope as parts of the color where gone. Sad because I need the bottom. I have the lid. But really at $8 it is too much.

Town and Country 443
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

I need this! I wanted this. But I practiced self control beacise I will not pay that for one bowl of a set I could not care less about owning, but I have the 444 so one day, FOR THE RIGHT PRICE, I will complete it.

Town and Country 444
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

UGG this is why I am not buying much. I am not paying that for a bowl. Yes I love Pyrex, but when it comes down to it they are just dishes. I own it anyways.

Autumn Harvest 401
Goodwill, San Diego, CA

Pretty scratched up 401. I love 401s.  They are good for soup and cereal. But again, I have this one.

Mixer Bowls
Salvation Army, Long Beach, Ca

I hate these things. The thrift stores think they are gold or something. I find them all of the time. I do not buy them. I just don't like them or have a mixer they would fit. Or want them at all. Yuck.

I found the Town and Countries the week I got back from vacation. It took until last week to sell them.  That says something abut their pricing. Way to freaking high. Oh well, save my money for the good ones right? Right! Talk me into not spending an arm and leg at an antique store just to get something.  This stuff is like crack!

Hey I just noticed I almost am at 10 posts for the stuff I did not buy. Average 5 Pieces per post, so almost 50 pieces I have not bought. I need a ribbon, my husband would be proud.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friendship & some tips

I am sad to say there has been a drought here. Not only do we never get rain (and I love rain!) I haven't seen much Pyrex either!

I have seen, a lime green lasagna pan ($15) and a town and country 444 ($18... on crack!). I have both.

But this lasagna pan I did not have.

So excited it got a "in the car" picture. 

Yup I found me a Friendship 933. I went to buy this pan a few months back but it was sold.  It was at our local Antique Shop. It was $24. Not when I found this at SA it was marked at $24. I know, I know I said I was going to buy the other at $24 but damn it, I want thrift store prices at the thrift store.

So I talked to the manager. I told him the week before I saw the same (well roughly, but he doesn't know that) size and shape for $15. I asked what was up with the big price difference. So he looked at me and at our SFC (super friendly cashier) and she said she indeed had seen and it and even had a conversation with me about it. So he gave it to me for $15.  (and on top of that it was % off day, so I got it even cheaper).

Sometimes it pays to price check everything.

Now send me some Pyrex vibes. I have a new cabinet to fill!

At the thrift store. 
This is another "crack price" item.  It was market at $89. I wanted it so freaking bad. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much.

I got the manager (of a different thrift store).

Me: "See this shelf? I want it. But not at that price."
Manager: "I could do $75. "
Me: "See all this furniture down here? I have a 4Runner. This could be gone today. No moving it ever again.  $30"
Manager: "$50"
Me: "$30"
Manager: "$45 is the lowest I can go."
Me: "$35, gone, never see it again. I put it in in my car and drive away. You have space."
Manager. "$35.... okay yeah. "

Now please notice I started really low. Like stupid low from the asking price. Better to start low and go up than be at a stand still. I also don't always do this but it worked here; telling him I wanted it. Since they were moving furniture to another location and having a sale on every piece except this shelf I wanted him to know it had a buyer, win for them as less to get rid of at the other store.  Make their store more profit.  I also did not back down easy. I will not be a pushover. I stood my ground. I had a number in my head to start with and I would not go over. I also didn't he and haw around. No thinking, just doing.
A better view of the thing. Gold and cream. EW
I spent more on good quality paint than I did the freaking shelf.  I chose vanillin since my walls are antique white. I did not want it to stand out but not blend. I also didn't want it to draw away from what it would be displaying. The accent color I had custom made. I look in a jadeite lid and had the paint store color match it. They are keeping it on file too, in case I want more ever. I will do my kitchen one shade lighter in that color if I ever buy a house.
Coat 1.  It took 3!

See the huge difference! 

Still need to find some handles. I want repo jadeite. The middle section on the bottom holds THM's school stuff and homework. It works perfect and I am not keeping any more Pyrex in hiding. Although I would hide new Pyrex form THH in there. His opinion on it; "whatever makes you happy."  Good man.

Not my final display. I am still working on it. Need more Pyrex. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bail Mountain

This is the last of my vacation haul. I didn't want to leave my mom's house. If I didn't like my husband so much I would have stayed. I'll show you some of the best of her house at the end of the post.

She lives in a dinky town in the middle of the state. It is actually considered "Up North". Don't ask, I think Michiganders don't think sometimes. At this dinky town on Mondays the local "antique mall" hosts a flea market. Also known as come sell all your junk. Sell anything really. Like Chickens. And ducks. And really loud roosters.
As my mom and I were checking out of the antique mall porton we heard a commotion outside. Found out some ducks got loose. One flew away. And 5 rednecks were chasing the other one, who kept walking under cars. They didn't  surround him. They just kept chasing it. For a good half hour. We never did find out if they caught the sneaky duck. 

Speaking of sneaky I like to play a little game on my mom. I like to steal her stuff. From pillowcases to salt and pepper shakers. This time it was fate. A hen and eggs salt and pepper shaker set that was stowed away in her sled shed. That is right, my mom is bat shit crazy and has a sled shed. Only fitting because THM wanted a hen so bad. Well we got them in a different form. They live on my counter.
The eggs are the salt and pepper shakers!

Back to the flea market/antique mall- I got a few things. THB told me they normally had more pyrex but the lady must not have restocked our something. Or maybe she is having a drought like me right now.  Anyways here is what I found: (some had to be left back. BOO!)

Chunky set!
Another "flea market" we went to is  one I have been going to all my life. Again not your typical "flea market". We need to rename Michigan flea markets to "shit sales". Really then sell everything, even the kitchen sink, bathroom toilet, and ..............
Sign says "Do you need to see a gynocologist? The doctor will see you now" EW!

475 lids!!!
Not much. But a woman was selling pyrex for a steal. She had a bunch of percolator parts too. We managed to complete a nine cup for my mom.  I got some lids (475s!) and a pyrex dish. Not much but still something is better than nothing.

The percolator stash!

We also checked out an estate sale.  Someone basically bought everything in it by the time we got there (at 8:30am). Who needs 15 sets of used full size sheets? I did grab a town & Country 471 for a dollar.

I had fun. I miss her house. Here is a little about her house:

She built THM this! Complete with decapitated parrot head.

Part of her playground, which includes swings, hammock and 2 zip lines.

The Sledding hill.

You can see the dip and how the zip lines are.

Her sign. "where the road ends and your life begins.

We call it Bail Mountain due to the story of her screaming "BAIL!" over and over on a sled with my brother going down the hill.  She thought she was gonna die.  So I like to change her little saying
I would have tried to bail too, it is freaking scary going to the bottom.  Yes that is her house way up there!

Bail Mountain; where the road ends and so does your life!

The haul of stuff that made it home!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandma's Pyrex.

I love my Grandma. 

Best story no one in the world will ever beat. And it is a short one.

My Grandma once rode a donkey though a bar. 
We took her to lunch. I wish I could everyday.

Yup. See I am coming from a long line of crazy people. She also took her shirt off at the same bar and traded with a gentleman. She also wears red bras with white crocheted shirts to peoples wedding rehearsals  (yes grandma you were the talk of the day. She knows how to make a statement)

Grandma - You are my inspiration to live my life and not give a damn what other people think.

Now poor grandma is old and sorta lost her mind a little. She stares at herself in the mirror fixing her hair. She can say very little words. "No" and "damn it" she has retained great. (I want to grow up to be her)

She had to be put in a assisted care facility due to her deteriorating health. I was lucky enough to get her Pyrex while they cleaned out her house.  A green 403 and blue 401 are waiting for me back at my moms. I didn't have room. I will get them next time.


Barbed Wire
I did get these babies home. Worn and even a few chips. The divided dish is in great shape. I am selling my extra one now and keeping this guy. The Sandalwood is not in the best shape. Wonder what happened to the 472. Bet my dad broke it.

They show the love she put into her food. And if you ever met her, you ate her food, regardless. My grandpa once gave THH a second slice of cake even though he declined it. No one says no to their food.  Poor THH didn't feel to great after that second slice.

I have even marked them on the bottom saying they were "grandmas"  and  I use them. Maybe it will make my food taste like hers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flint, MI - dearest to my heart

Well since you all know I come from Michigan, time to tell you some more details.

I met my husband at Applebee's in Flint. He stole my keys there.  He once even wrote me a poem about it. How adorable. I still have it too. One day I will let you read some of his love letters. I kept them all. I am a girl, I do that.

I played violin with the Flint Youth Symphony for 3 years. Went to England with them too.

My violin is the only item I would save in a fire.
They have the best coneys ever. With a kogel and that dry sauce. To freaking DIE for.

Kogels - The only hotdogs you will ever see me eat.

On terms of pyrex they didn't have much. Granted I spent like 2 days there. 

Two days is enough. 

Came home with a butterfly gold gravy boat missing its underplate. This was found at the tiny Salvation Army by Sams Club. Not a good Salvation Army at all. Don't go there.

Then I found this in a small town outside Flint. Butterfly gold margarine tub. At another crappy Salvation Army. And get this; they charge sales tax at Salvation Army there. They do not here in California. Anyone know why?

Gasp! It is filled with butter. I am a rebel!

And then the most awesome item.

A Black Rooster Space Saver. No store for this one. My super awesome mother in law gave this to me. I'm blessed to have a good mother in law. (even if she did color my sons hair rainbow, I did consent to that) The metal lid is marked Pyrex in case any of you are asking.

YAY for the metal lid!!!

So all in all not a bad score for the crappy town. I love that crappy town and it will always have a special place in my heart. Even if you are really dirty and filled with crime. You have good food, tht is all that matters to me.

Souce: streetsblog

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Detroit - Motor City Antiques and A hardware store.

So Detroit, what can I say about Detroit. They have an amazing baseball team (GO TIGERS!).  They have great food. They have the best ice cream ever! The people are really nice (no really they are) They have low low low antique prices for the most part.

Blue moon and superman ice cream!!

Jennie took me to her favorite antqiue store.  It was large and thankfully not crowded. I saw lots of pretties for great prices.  They had a Town and Country 503 for $4.  Verde 045 for less than $15. A fish mail box for $40. And a butt-load of random stuff.

Sticking with my goal of completeting sets I did manage to complete a few.

I completed my Spring Blossom Bake, Serve and Store set. All I needed was the 472. Now they'll look nice and pretty back as a family.

I also grabbed 2 red 501s.  They are slightly different in their shades, but red is not an easy color to keep the same in multiple batches. They finished off my primary set. 

Nothing else.  Now there were tons but I had a goal, and knowing I had to carry them all home I had to be pratical.

Now onto this hardware store.  I m not joking.  A while back a woman posted a picture of her local hardware store that is selling pyrex on facebook.  The story is the brother/sister combo that owns it needed to generate more money. It happened to be by my cousin Jennie. I told my cousin this and she called.  Jennie said they told her they didn't sell Pyrex. I was miffed. Was the woman trying to keep her little treausre trove a secret? or did I just not have the right store.

I made Jennie drive me to the store. I needed to see for myself.  I ran in and there it was:

Tons and tons.  Now I wanted to have high hopes for this place.  Nothing was priced except for a few things. She wanted $40 for percolators. $65 for a butterprint fridgie set. Jennie picked up a butter dish and gravy boat, good prices on those luckily.  When I asked how much she wanted for a different butter dish she told me $4 more than what she had Jennie's marked at. Humf. Then she made up a number for the rest of the stuff in my hands. I wasn't thrilled. I only bought a butterfly gold salt and pepper shaker set that was marked with a price. I am not playing that game.  Now my cousin Jennie wanted to buy a 501 with lid. The lady said NO! She was going to refuse selling it to her. She then changed her mind and said $6 without the lid. Needless to say I don't think Jennie and I will ever go back. The woman was not so nice and it felt like she didn't really want to sell any of it. Plus the things that were marked were sorta high.

So in Detroit, skip the Sterns True Value Hardware store and hit up the Motor City Antiques. Tell them to keep the prices low because we love them and will spend more since they are awesome!

13431 Telegraph
Flat Rock, Michigan 48134
Both Bake, Serve & Store sets complete!