Monday, September 16, 2013

Bail Mountain

This is the last of my vacation haul. I didn't want to leave my mom's house. If I didn't like my husband so much I would have stayed. I'll show you some of the best of her house at the end of the post.

She lives in a dinky town in the middle of the state. It is actually considered "Up North". Don't ask, I think Michiganders don't think sometimes. At this dinky town on Mondays the local "antique mall" hosts a flea market. Also known as come sell all your junk. Sell anything really. Like Chickens. And ducks. And really loud roosters.
As my mom and I were checking out of the antique mall porton we heard a commotion outside. Found out some ducks got loose. One flew away. And 5 rednecks were chasing the other one, who kept walking under cars. They didn't  surround him. They just kept chasing it. For a good half hour. We never did find out if they caught the sneaky duck. 

Speaking of sneaky I like to play a little game on my mom. I like to steal her stuff. From pillowcases to salt and pepper shakers. This time it was fate. A hen and eggs salt and pepper shaker set that was stowed away in her sled shed. That is right, my mom is bat shit crazy and has a sled shed. Only fitting because THM wanted a hen so bad. Well we got them in a different form. They live on my counter.
The eggs are the salt and pepper shakers!

Back to the flea market/antique mall- I got a few things. THB told me they normally had more pyrex but the lady must not have restocked our something. Or maybe she is having a drought like me right now.  Anyways here is what I found: (some had to be left back. BOO!)

Chunky set!
Another "flea market" we went to is  one I have been going to all my life. Again not your typical "flea market". We need to rename Michigan flea markets to "shit sales". Really then sell everything, even the kitchen sink, bathroom toilet, and ..............
Sign says "Do you need to see a gynocologist? The doctor will see you now" EW!

475 lids!!!
Not much. But a woman was selling pyrex for a steal. She had a bunch of percolator parts too. We managed to complete a nine cup for my mom.  I got some lids (475s!) and a pyrex dish. Not much but still something is better than nothing.

The percolator stash!

We also checked out an estate sale.  Someone basically bought everything in it by the time we got there (at 8:30am). Who needs 15 sets of used full size sheets? I did grab a town & Country 471 for a dollar.

I had fun. I miss her house. Here is a little about her house:

She built THM this! Complete with decapitated parrot head.

Part of her playground, which includes swings, hammock and 2 zip lines.

The Sledding hill.

You can see the dip and how the zip lines are.

Her sign. "where the road ends and your life begins.

We call it Bail Mountain due to the story of her screaming "BAIL!" over and over on a sled with my brother going down the hill.  She thought she was gonna die.  So I like to change her little saying
I would have tried to bail too, it is freaking scary going to the bottom.  Yes that is her house way up there!

Bail Mountain; where the road ends and so does your life!

The haul of stuff that made it home!


  1. What a great story -- and family! Love the fort / pirate ship she built THM!

  2. Awesome picture of the sign in the snow (:

  3. Funny. To us native Michiganders any place north of your current location is considered "up north"

    I didn't want to come home from my Michigan vacation either. Love that state. But the old man keeps me here. I'm trying to convert him.

  4. Sounds like you had great time!