Thursday, September 5, 2013

Detroit - Motor City Antiques and A hardware store.

So Detroit, what can I say about Detroit. They have an amazing baseball team (GO TIGERS!).  They have great food. They have the best ice cream ever! The people are really nice (no really they are) They have low low low antique prices for the most part.

Blue moon and superman ice cream!!

Jennie took me to her favorite antqiue store.  It was large and thankfully not crowded. I saw lots of pretties for great prices.  They had a Town and Country 503 for $4.  Verde 045 for less than $15. A fish mail box for $40. And a butt-load of random stuff.

Sticking with my goal of completeting sets I did manage to complete a few.

I completed my Spring Blossom Bake, Serve and Store set. All I needed was the 472. Now they'll look nice and pretty back as a family.

I also grabbed 2 red 501s.  They are slightly different in their shades, but red is not an easy color to keep the same in multiple batches. They finished off my primary set. 

Nothing else.  Now there were tons but I had a goal, and knowing I had to carry them all home I had to be pratical.

Now onto this hardware store.  I m not joking.  A while back a woman posted a picture of her local hardware store that is selling pyrex on facebook.  The story is the brother/sister combo that owns it needed to generate more money. It happened to be by my cousin Jennie. I told my cousin this and she called.  Jennie said they told her they didn't sell Pyrex. I was miffed. Was the woman trying to keep her little treausre trove a secret? or did I just not have the right store.

I made Jennie drive me to the store. I needed to see for myself.  I ran in and there it was:

Tons and tons.  Now I wanted to have high hopes for this place.  Nothing was priced except for a few things. She wanted $40 for percolators. $65 for a butterprint fridgie set. Jennie picked up a butter dish and gravy boat, good prices on those luckily.  When I asked how much she wanted for a different butter dish she told me $4 more than what she had Jennie's marked at. Humf. Then she made up a number for the rest of the stuff in my hands. I wasn't thrilled. I only bought a butterfly gold salt and pepper shaker set that was marked with a price. I am not playing that game.  Now my cousin Jennie wanted to buy a 501 with lid. The lady said NO! She was going to refuse selling it to her. She then changed her mind and said $6 without the lid. Needless to say I don't think Jennie and I will ever go back. The woman was not so nice and it felt like she didn't really want to sell any of it. Plus the things that were marked were sorta high.

So in Detroit, skip the Sterns True Value Hardware store and hit up the Motor City Antiques. Tell them to keep the prices low because we love them and will spend more since they are awesome!

13431 Telegraph
Flat Rock, Michigan 48134
Both Bake, Serve & Store sets complete!


  1. Those are really cool salt and pepper shakers!

  2. Your set is beautiful, Spring Blossom is such a pretty pattern!

  3. You literally meet all kinds of people in the world of Pyrex- don't you!!!!

  4. Did you hit any thrift stores there? I went to one on Woodward, do you know Woodward? Bars on the windows, security, quite unique.. & there is another antique place that you have to be buzzed up to, isn't there? I want to go to Motor City Antiques, it's a place on my list! My family is from Windsor & I visit once in awhile. I also want to go to Allen, Michigan, lol...

    How many vendors about?

    1. I hit up a Salvation Army and another small antique shop. I've heard great things about Allen. Never been. I only had 2 days in Detroit before heading up to my other destinations.

      Motor city is fairly large. I would say average on the size scale. Very clean and nice too!

      Maybe the next time in Michigan we could meet up in Allen and have coffee! I live meeting other collectors. Plus it gives us both a reason to go and do some shopping. :)

    2. My only problem is... I don't drive because I have epilepsy & I have no one to drive me! It's 2 hours away from Windsor, but I would have loved to. When I can eventually drive & am seizure free, definitely!