Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flint, MI - dearest to my heart

Well since you all know I come from Michigan, time to tell you some more details.

I met my husband at Applebee's in Flint. He stole my keys there.  He once even wrote me a poem about it. How adorable. I still have it too. One day I will let you read some of his love letters. I kept them all. I am a girl, I do that.

I played violin with the Flint Youth Symphony for 3 years. Went to England with them too.

My violin is the only item I would save in a fire.
They have the best coneys ever. With a kogel and that dry sauce. To freaking DIE for.

Kogels - The only hotdogs you will ever see me eat.

On terms of pyrex they didn't have much. Granted I spent like 2 days there. 

Two days is enough. 

Came home with a butterfly gold gravy boat missing its underplate. This was found at the tiny Salvation Army by Sams Club. Not a good Salvation Army at all. Don't go there.

Then I found this in a small town outside Flint. Butterfly gold margarine tub. At another crappy Salvation Army. And get this; they charge sales tax at Salvation Army there. They do not here in California. Anyone know why?

Gasp! It is filled with butter. I am a rebel!

And then the most awesome item.

A Black Rooster Space Saver. No store for this one. My super awesome mother in law gave this to me. I'm blessed to have a good mother in law. (even if she did color my sons hair rainbow, I did consent to that) The metal lid is marked Pyrex in case any of you are asking.

YAY for the metal lid!!!

So all in all not a bad score for the crappy town. I love that crappy town and it will always have a special place in my heart. Even if you are really dirty and filled with crime. You have good food, tht is all that matters to me.

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