Friday, September 20, 2013

Friendship & some tips

I am sad to say there has been a drought here. Not only do we never get rain (and I love rain!) I haven't seen much Pyrex either!

I have seen, a lime green lasagna pan ($15) and a town and country 444 ($18... on crack!). I have both.

But this lasagna pan I did not have.

So excited it got a "in the car" picture. 

Yup I found me a Friendship 933. I went to buy this pan a few months back but it was sold.  It was at our local Antique Shop. It was $24. Not when I found this at SA it was marked at $24. I know, I know I said I was going to buy the other at $24 but damn it, I want thrift store prices at the thrift store.

So I talked to the manager. I told him the week before I saw the same (well roughly, but he doesn't know that) size and shape for $15. I asked what was up with the big price difference. So he looked at me and at our SFC (super friendly cashier) and she said she indeed had seen and it and even had a conversation with me about it. So he gave it to me for $15.  (and on top of that it was % off day, so I got it even cheaper).

Sometimes it pays to price check everything.

Now send me some Pyrex vibes. I have a new cabinet to fill!

At the thrift store. 
This is another "crack price" item.  It was market at $89. I wanted it so freaking bad. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much.

I got the manager (of a different thrift store).

Me: "See this shelf? I want it. But not at that price."
Manager: "I could do $75. "
Me: "See all this furniture down here? I have a 4Runner. This could be gone today. No moving it ever again.  $30"
Manager: "$50"
Me: "$30"
Manager: "$45 is the lowest I can go."
Me: "$35, gone, never see it again. I put it in in my car and drive away. You have space."
Manager. "$35.... okay yeah. "

Now please notice I started really low. Like stupid low from the asking price. Better to start low and go up than be at a stand still. I also don't always do this but it worked here; telling him I wanted it. Since they were moving furniture to another location and having a sale on every piece except this shelf I wanted him to know it had a buyer, win for them as less to get rid of at the other store.  Make their store more profit.  I also did not back down easy. I will not be a pushover. I stood my ground. I had a number in my head to start with and I would not go over. I also didn't he and haw around. No thinking, just doing.
A better view of the thing. Gold and cream. EW
I spent more on good quality paint than I did the freaking shelf.  I chose vanillin since my walls are antique white. I did not want it to stand out but not blend. I also didn't want it to draw away from what it would be displaying. The accent color I had custom made. I look in a jadeite lid and had the paint store color match it. They are keeping it on file too, in case I want more ever. I will do my kitchen one shade lighter in that color if I ever buy a house.
Coat 1.  It took 3!

See the huge difference! 

Still need to find some handles. I want repo jadeite. The middle section on the bottom holds THM's school stuff and homework. It works perfect and I am not keeping any more Pyrex in hiding. Although I would hide new Pyrex form THH in there. His opinion on it; "whatever makes you happy."  Good man.

Not my final display. I am still working on it. Need more Pyrex. 


  1. Lucky find and great negotiator on the display shelf!

  2. I'll have to checkout your blog, I loved this post!! Yeah, no kidding--some of these "crack prices" are crazy! I would've spilled $15 for that pan too! Not an easy one to find. Congrats! And the haggling on the cabinet--way to go!

  3. Wow. Good for you! Our GW and SA never negotiate.

  4. "whatever makes you happy." That's right. Gotta get these men trained. After a while they don't even notice the new glass ware. But they will question why you started storing the Cheerios and peanut butter in the garage.

  5. HOORAY ON SUCH GREAT DEALS!!! One shining day when I have money again, I plan to buy the friendship pan for around $22.00 if its still there! Shelf looks great!

  6. Love that display shelf. It is amazing!

  7. That shelf looks great! I am impressed you knocked it down so far too!

    My husband says "whatever makes you happy" a lot too. It doesn't make me happy ;)

  8. The Pyrex lasagna pan is something I've never seen before I'll have to be on the look out for one.
    Nice finds.