Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandma's Pyrex.

I love my Grandma. 

Best story no one in the world will ever beat. And it is a short one.

My Grandma once rode a donkey though a bar. 
We took her to lunch. I wish I could everyday.

Yup. See I am coming from a long line of crazy people. She also took her shirt off at the same bar and traded with a gentleman. She also wears red bras with white crocheted shirts to peoples wedding rehearsals  (yes grandma you were the talk of the day. She knows how to make a statement)

Grandma - You are my inspiration to live my life and not give a damn what other people think.

Now poor grandma is old and sorta lost her mind a little. She stares at herself in the mirror fixing her hair. She can say very little words. "No" and "damn it" she has retained great. (I want to grow up to be her)

She had to be put in a assisted care facility due to her deteriorating health. I was lucky enough to get her Pyrex while they cleaned out her house.  A green 403 and blue 401 are waiting for me back at my moms. I didn't have room. I will get them next time.


Barbed Wire
I did get these babies home. Worn and even a few chips. The divided dish is in great shape. I am selling my extra one now and keeping this guy. The Sandalwood is not in the best shape. Wonder what happened to the 472. Bet my dad broke it.

They show the love she put into her food. And if you ever met her, you ate her food, regardless. My grandpa once gave THH a second slice of cake even though he declined it. No one says no to their food.  Poor THH didn't feel to great after that second slice.

I have even marked them on the bottom saying they were "grandmas"  and  I use them. Maybe it will make my food taste like hers.

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