Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jennie's Pyrex stash

I was so happy to go back to  Michigan. If you do not already know this is where I grew up and had some of the most wonderful memories. I met THH in Michigan. I spent summers running barefoot through the yard, eating wild blackberries and going sledding down a hill so big it was called "dead mans hill."

Finding goodies!!!
Jennie is a cousin on my father's side.   She lives with this ultra awesome dog, Karma. Really this dog is only a year-ish old and is super huge.  She also with her man. Those are his hairy legs.

Being the awesome person that she is. We hit up a few stores.  She took me to an antique mall and a hardware store that sells Pyrex. This is her score.

She got the square baker and 933 for a whopping $12 total. I must say she is very lucky. While we were almost done and she wanted to look at one more shelf I did a second look at a few booths. I saw these. I found the price thinking they may be a bit expensive.  Marked $12 on the 933. I looked and looked for the price on the square baker and none. Then I looked at the 933 and saw the price was for Pyrex x2!!!! Holy crap.  I brought it back to her and we did a little happy dance. She thought at first I saw them for myself, but I told her I already had them.  Her eyes got super big. Needless to say Jennie's face lit up like a kid on Christmas.  She scored the Butterprint for her man and got the gravy boat and butter dish at the hardware store.

In her cabinets I found all these goodies:

part of the primary set I gave her, and another part from a family member

Spring Blossom Divided dish with lid

More spring blossom hiding in the cabinets

tea cups and saucers, Her pattern is Spring Blossom

Lucky I didn't steal the cream and sugar set!

Early American 043

Now she did steal a few of my lids to go with the 501 and 502 I gave her. I love her or else she may have been beaten for those lids. I miss her.

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