Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The OC has it!

Found the Pyrex hiding spots!

I had to run to IKEA. I needed a sheet for some quilt binding. Cheaper and more for my money than traditional binding.

Got my binding and finished the quilt!

I made a few stops. I actually never made it to IKEA. Managed to find a sheet at a thrift store in great condition for cheap. 

I also found where the Pyrex has been hiding. I found a bunch I already own. Like a snowflake divided, town and country divided. 
A little beat up, but still love it.
But I did not have this guy (a 475). Actually the only reason I even collect Early America. Is because THM likes it and I will one day give him it all. I love my kid. I'm awesome. 

Also scored a lid for free. The cashier thought it went with the EA. Yay!!!

Then I googled goodwill for the area I was in. Siri gave me directions. I pulled up and was like "hey I've been here before. Hey wait. I've peed at that Ace Hardware. They has seashells on the bathroom wall". 

Oh the things we remember. I didn't find anything at first. Sorted by color it isn't an easy task looking for pyrex. I did grab these. All 8 of them.


A lady commented on them saying she remembered them. A little fun fact I learned a few years ago; in the 1970s during the gas shortage they were given out as a free gift when you got gas at mobile   stations. My mom told me this. Pretty cool. 

I also got this guy. His color was originally a birch color. I painted it the same green color I painted my new hutch. And them promptly appointed him guardian of the Pyrex.  

He hangs above the newest hutch. I love him.

Last I stopped at a small goodwill right off the freeway. Again they sort their stuff by color. Ugg I hate that. I did however find a complete eyes carafe with warmer. A nice addition to my eyes set. 

Finally a good week. And having to travel outside my county was another fun filled adventure.

small but good scores

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pyrex I didn't buy 10

Well here we are. Post 10 on the stuff I did not buy.  (That is a ton!)

Why you ask? I've gotten to that point in my collection where I either have it or I don't like it. How sad. But happy because that means I am saving money and keeping my house just a little less cluttered. 

St. Vincent De Paul
Pyrexware bowl

So I like dinnerware but I would only buy in a lot. I'm not huge on trying to complete the pyrex dinner ware. So this bowl stayed at the store. I have one chop plate and I use it for cookies. I don't need random bowls laying around. 

St. Vincent De Paul
Primary Yellow 404

Not a bad price. But very scratched up.  Lots of paint scratches. Not flea bites but big scratches. This guy was loved. He stayed too. 

Salvation Army
Daisy Divided

Oh hello there daisy divided dish. I'm sorry but I have one of you already. Why couldn't have been a dandelion duet or that cool orange flowery one. We'll someone else got you since I passed. I hope they give you a good home. 

Salvation Army
Primary Green

Hi green. I'm not green with envy. Somehow I managed to get 2 of you already. Why oh why could you be a red 402! 

Assistance Legue Thrift Store
Corelle Spring Blossom

I NEED those berries bowls and those big bowls. Ugg but they would not separate them for me.  I must say for a full service in one place not too bad of a price for a "fancy" type thrift store. Maybe another day.

I have not got anything in the last week and a half. Not since the snowflake space saver. I am going out tomorrow and hopefully I will come home with something. If not then I will just go eat a full thing of Oreos and not regret it one second.

I already have them in the cubbard. I am prepared for disappointment.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I wish I had real snow. I guess for now I will have to use snowflake pyrex for my home away from home feeling. 

Last Friday I drug THM with me to an estate sale. I saw pictures the night before and I had to go. 

We were in line when I saw a rat. Omg it was gross. Ran right about 20 feet from us. I now know where I do not want to live. 

The sale was a nightmare. The condo was tiny. They only let a handful in at a time. The condo was packed full. 

Of course 2 women before me grabbed all the pyrex and split it between them. It is okay I saw the price on the snowflake 043. $16. I wouldn't have bought it anyways. The others were 470 series of a pattern I could not tell in the picture. 

I did however see they picked one piece up and put it back in a different spot. 

A snowflake space saver. Cheaper than that 043. 

1. Who in their right pyrexia mind leaves a space saver. 

2.  Who in their right pyrexia mind leaves one for cheap! 

THM and I were out of there fast. I may have stayed if I didn't have him around. But eh good enough for a 10 minute trip. 

That was all I found last weekend. 

My new hutch is coming together nicely. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His dishes

You all have seen some of my dishes. Wanna see some of THM's?

Now I pack his lunch everyday. I don't trust school food. Nutritional wise it is junk. Not to mention it isn't anything he would eat. 

Here is our argument over it yesterday:

 Fighting about him wanting school lunch - a bean and cheese burrito:

 "do you even like beans?"  He said "green beans". Then I had to explain that they put brown mushy beans in burritos. Not green beans. I said "do you like brown mushy beans". He scrunched his face and shook his head no.

All this happened because they had oranges at school lunch.

Ugg being 5 is hard I tell yeah! 

So he told me he is taking his lunch. In his super awesome lunch box. 

It is a Planetbox system. It is stainless steel and reminds me if something you would eat off of in jail. 

It has separated compartments that allow the proper serving size of food. It also came with a large dipper and a small dipper. They seal when you latch the box. 

Lunch 1 was peanut butter and jelly, grapes, apple slices, carrots and ranch, pretzels and a tootsie roll in the small treat section.  

Lunch 2 was yogurt and apple spice granola. Cucumbers, grapes and dried cherries. 

Lunch 3 is orange slices. (Because of the argument about them being served at school), Hawaiian roll, celery and peanut butter, pea pods, cucumber Alice and vanilla pudding for a treat. 

These lunches are so much better than school lunch. Today's menu was; choice of beef teriyaki bowl or bean and cheese burrito, coleslaw, fries, variety if fruit and chocolate pudding. 

Now he won't be able to come home and bitch they had pudding as I put pudding in his lunch. Take that nasty school food. 

It is sad that most kids eat the school good. I understand that most, if not all, get free lunch and they schools have to do something easy and fast. But still. I remember our food as a kid being so much better. 

I cannot wait until THM sees what their pizza is like. He doesn't believe me that is is square. 

Ew square pizza was nasty.