Wednesday, October 2, 2013

His dishes

You all have seen some of my dishes. Wanna see some of THM's?

Now I pack his lunch everyday. I don't trust school food. Nutritional wise it is junk. Not to mention it isn't anything he would eat. 

Here is our argument over it yesterday:

 Fighting about him wanting school lunch - a bean and cheese burrito:

 "do you even like beans?"  He said "green beans". Then I had to explain that they put brown mushy beans in burritos. Not green beans. I said "do you like brown mushy beans". He scrunched his face and shook his head no.

All this happened because they had oranges at school lunch.

Ugg being 5 is hard I tell yeah! 

So he told me he is taking his lunch. In his super awesome lunch box. 

It is a Planetbox system. It is stainless steel and reminds me if something you would eat off of in jail. 

It has separated compartments that allow the proper serving size of food. It also came with a large dipper and a small dipper. They seal when you latch the box. 

Lunch 1 was peanut butter and jelly, grapes, apple slices, carrots and ranch, pretzels and a tootsie roll in the small treat section.  

Lunch 2 was yogurt and apple spice granola. Cucumbers, grapes and dried cherries. 

Lunch 3 is orange slices. (Because of the argument about them being served at school), Hawaiian roll, celery and peanut butter, pea pods, cucumber Alice and vanilla pudding for a treat. 

These lunches are so much better than school lunch. Today's menu was; choice of beef teriyaki bowl or bean and cheese burrito, coleslaw, fries, variety if fruit and chocolate pudding. 

Now he won't be able to come home and bitch they had pudding as I put pudding in his lunch. Take that nasty school food. 

It is sad that most kids eat the school good. I understand that most, if not all, get free lunch and they schools have to do something easy and fast. But still. I remember our food as a kid being so much better. 

I cannot wait until THM sees what their pizza is like. He doesn't believe me that is is square. 

Ew square pizza was nasty. 


  1. I don't want my kid eating the school lunch either. She's also 5 and was very adamant about eating the "free" lunch. I let her eat that crap once. Needless to say, she came home hungry that day.

  2. Have you been to jail Before?

  3. Not as an inmate but I've been in the general population area of one. Ummm it was a learning experience. Lol

  4. Those lunches look sooo good!

  5. That's a great lunchbox! I may have to find one for my son. He loves trains (he's 8).