Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I wish I had real snow. I guess for now I will have to use snowflake pyrex for my home away from home feeling. 

Last Friday I drug THM with me to an estate sale. I saw pictures the night before and I had to go. 

We were in line when I saw a rat. Omg it was gross. Ran right about 20 feet from us. I now know where I do not want to live. 

The sale was a nightmare. The condo was tiny. They only let a handful in at a time. The condo was packed full. 

Of course 2 women before me grabbed all the pyrex and split it between them. It is okay I saw the price on the snowflake 043. $16. I wouldn't have bought it anyways. The others were 470 series of a pattern I could not tell in the picture. 

I did however see they picked one piece up and put it back in a different spot. 

A snowflake space saver. Cheaper than that 043. 

1. Who in their right pyrexia mind leaves a space saver. 

2.  Who in their right pyrexia mind leaves one for cheap! 

THM and I were out of there fast. I may have stayed if I didn't have him around. But eh good enough for a 10 minute trip. 

That was all I found last weekend. 

My new hutch is coming together nicely. 


  1. Nice spacesaver! Snowflake is one pattern I can't resist.

  2. Good thing you spotted the gals put it down!! Snowflake is always a good pattern!

  3. I only have found one space saver in almost 3 years and that's Golden Acorn, which I like but wouldn't be my first choice. You betcha if I saw a space saver I'd snatch it up! Your new one looks nice with your others!

  4. Love your space saver collection.

    My best rat story...

    My old work they used to keep the nachos in a garbage bin at the bottom of the stairs. I was walking down the stairs one time to grab like a bottle of ketchup or something & a gigantic rat jumped out of the nacho bin & ran away, LOL! GROSS! & one time another rat (or the same one) ran across the dining room, so glad it was summer.