Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The OC has it!

Found the Pyrex hiding spots!

I had to run to IKEA. I needed a sheet for some quilt binding. Cheaper and more for my money than traditional binding.

Got my binding and finished the quilt!

I made a few stops. I actually never made it to IKEA. Managed to find a sheet at a thrift store in great condition for cheap. 

I also found where the Pyrex has been hiding. I found a bunch I already own. Like a snowflake divided, town and country divided. 
A little beat up, but still love it.
But I did not have this guy (a 475). Actually the only reason I even collect Early America. Is because THM likes it and I will one day give him it all. I love my kid. I'm awesome. 

Also scored a lid for free. The cashier thought it went with the EA. Yay!!!

Then I googled goodwill for the area I was in. Siri gave me directions. I pulled up and was like "hey I've been here before. Hey wait. I've peed at that Ace Hardware. They has seashells on the bathroom wall". 

Oh the things we remember. I didn't find anything at first. Sorted by color it isn't an easy task looking for pyrex. I did grab these. All 8 of them.


A lady commented on them saying she remembered them. A little fun fact I learned a few years ago; in the 1970s during the gas shortage they were given out as a free gift when you got gas at mobile   stations. My mom told me this. Pretty cool. 

I also got this guy. His color was originally a birch color. I painted it the same green color I painted my new hutch. And them promptly appointed him guardian of the Pyrex.  

He hangs above the newest hutch. I love him.

Last I stopped at a small goodwill right off the freeway. Again they sort their stuff by color. Ugg I hate that. I did however find a complete eyes carafe with warmer. A nice addition to my eyes set. 

Finally a good week. And having to travel outside my county was another fun filled adventure.

small but good scores


  1. You are hysterical and I'm signing up right now to follow your blog. Great post!

  2. I loved this post! I am digging that guardian of the Pyrex. :o)

  3. Love that hutch with all of your Pyrex on it, and I also love the name of your blog! I should have named mine "Junk My Husband Tolerates"!

  4. That picture is too much fun. I would have bought it too.

  5. A VERY good week, I'd say! I can't get over the Eyes stuff you have, I've never seen any in the wild, sad face. I love, love, love that cute birdie you found, oh my gosh I'd have snapped him up, too. Also, diggin the glasses. Isn't it great to know the history behind them? Thanks so much for joining my We Call It Olde Link Up. New one starts tomorrow, hope to see you there. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com