Friday, November 29, 2013

Pyrex In Action - PIA

In the Pyrex world we love to show off our Pyrex in Action. (PIA)

Of course here in America, Thanksgiving was yesterday. We celebrate like many Mid-West people with a the classic turkey dinner. I think Thanksgiving has turned into a pre-Christmas celebration. (Also Hanukkah started yesterday, so Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!) We take it as a day of rest and good food. I pre-plan most of it and cook on Wednesday, leaving the turkey for Thursday. That guarantees I get in relaxing time with my wonderful family.

There are few tips for cooking with Pyrex.  These will save you heartbreak if you follow them.

1. Stay away from foil. It can leave black marks on the dish that none of us has figured out how to get off.  Instead use the lids that came with them. They can go in the oven.

To do list: clean oven
2.  Be careful of the temperature  of the oven.  According to the Pyrex prize Recipes books you should cook at temperatures below what you would in a shiny pan. I try to keep it under 375f.

We called that Marshmallow Pie. THM ate it up!
It is just sweet potatoes.  
3.   Never ever put a hot dish on anything wet or cold.  It can cause the dish to break. Along these lines never add liquid to a hot dish. The rapid change in temperatures will cause it to break. It could crack or explode. Have some handy potholders to set it on. Let the dish cool before you wash it.

A perfect time to use all the fall colors. 
4.  Never use anything but Flameware on the stove top. When using Flameware if you have an electric stove (glass top, coil)  use a grid. These can often be found in hardware stores, or you can find them online.  I have also made some from wire coat hangers.  They allow the heat to disperse more evenly.

My turkey looks orange! 

5.  Do not deep fry in Pyrex.  It will break the dish, the grease will catch fire and you will die. Please don't deep fry anything. save your waist line. (and I love greasy food, but baking you can use Pyrex and still have yummy food)

A chance to use my Corelle napkin rings. 

Not these should be common sense. I mean the dishes are old, most 30+ years old. But sometimes it does not click and things break. sometimes friendly reminders help. And one last reminder.  Never ever put your pyrex in the dishwasher.  There are many ways you can get marks and grease off. PSA on dishwasher death.

I hope your holiday was wonderful yesterday.  And if you didn't celebrate anything yesterday and it was just another day, I hope your future holidays are wonderful.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Complete Holiday Promo ~Just in time

Sad news. I am having to rewrite this on THH's computer as my macbook charger has decided to sop working. And the keyboard is really weird. I keep hitting the caps lock and I got half way done and hit something and it deleted it all.

Slow few weeks here but I finally came home with something. 

Good news. Last Saturday while THM and THH went to Universal Studios I took the day to do some thrifting and Christmas shopping. I got most of my Christmas shopping done thankfully. Just a few more things and we are good to go.

I took the opportunity to visit a new thrift shop. I walked in and it was packed with stuff. I mean floor to ceiling stuff. Did not comply with ADA standards at all, the isles were smooshed. I made my way around and found the housewares. No Pyrex. So I looked at all the Christmas stuff they had. I mean this place was like a freaking Bronners in there. (Do you know what Bronners is? Most Michigan Christmas experts do) Anyways a double take through the pan lids spot this.

A 404 cradle. Yay! Marked at $2.95.  Now this place is a minimum debit of $5. Darn I needed to find a cool filler item.  So I browsed he Christmas stuff and found an older table runner. Perfect. $3.95.

I took my goodies up to pay and to my surprise it was half off the entire store.  DAMN! I needed to find something else. I really wanted that freaking cradle. and no way was I putting it down to go to the bank for $3.  I spent 45 minutes looking for something else. I just couldn't bring myself to buy something I didn't like. So I finally spotted a craft area. Looking for buttons. I love buttons. I have a few jars full. Not one button in many many bins. But i did manage to find a baggie of beads. THM will love this. He likes any and all art supplies.

Took my new goodies up and finally my total was over $5. I really wanted that cradle. Now to find the Christmas bowl that goes with it.

At another store, that was cash only, thankfully I had cash, and this is why I spent the last of before the $5 min store. They had 2 lime pie plates and at Verde divided dish. If I would of had the cash I would have bought one pie plate. I already have a lime but it was a good deal. I didn't and spent my money on this Old Town Blue stick butter dish. Now I have 3 of the butter dishes.

Then by chance it looks like I am making another butter print set. I found the 502 at St. Vincent De Paul's. I thought I could trade it as that color and style is popular and I have traded a few of them before. But then at Goodwill I found this 503 (and a 475 lid!) . I guess I will keep my eye out for 2 - 501s and see if I could trade the entire set for entire set of something I do not have. I would actually trade both of them right now for a Butterfly gold 502 and 2 - 501s. Or that Christmas 404.

Speaking of Christmas.  Remember when I found the 1960 Holiday Promotion? I was so happy. Well a few months later I found the proper lid.  And then last week I found the cradle! I didn't look closely at the cradle but I knew it was for Pyrex. Not having any bowls I assumed it was for a 043. (I guess I really didn't look at it at all) I didn't notice it was round. But when I got home I found out it went with my Holiday promo. I completed the whole set for around $11. Awesome.

I'm so ready for the holidays to be here. 
I love Christmas!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pink, blue and gold!

Another time it totally pays to know and be nice to the people who work at your favorite thrift stores.

A few Thursdays ago I saw this 932 at my local thrift shop. They had it marked at $22. Remember a few weeks ago I got  the friendship 933 at a discount because I spoke up about their inconsistent pricing?

Well I spoke up again.  I reminded the manager of the pan I bought and the price. He told me to make an offer. So I offered the same I did for the 933. $15   

He was super sweet and told me I will do you one better, $10".  Hey I'll take it! I told him this is why I always came back. They aren't out there to get everyone. At least this store isn't. Unlike the one in the next town over who price things even higher. And never offer a discount worth it. 

Example : Old Orchard divided dish. $24. 
Yeah right. No freaking way I would pay that much. 

That day I got the 932,  I also picked up a Golden Tulip 024 marked at 5.99. I talked with the cashier and she said that their pricing has been very inconsistent lately. The guy who prices is supposed to be an "expert" at collectibles. I reminded her that something is only worth what a person is willing to pay. And ebay is not a good idea of what they should be charging. She agreed. Maybe I could take over that guys job! 
Manufacture date: 1959
Golden Tulip

And then this. A horizon 472. It came from a different store (price tag was different) and prices okay. It ended up that their store because no one wanted it from the other. They rotate stuff between 4 stores. This shows that maybe the demand and pricing are not working together. I wish they would get their shit together.

All in all last week was a good one. I am thankful the employees are super nice and understand that even the "experts" price stuff dumb. Lucky for me I know my stuff. Not an expert but knowledgeable for sure. 

I never did homework as a kid. I do now! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sale away with me

Sail away with me in my new boat!

We'll in my dreams because buzzkill THH told me no to the boat. Why the hell are men so.... so...... Ugg.

It isn't like it was a yacht or something. It fit in the store. Surely it would fit in my 4Runner right!? 

So in this "boat I was not allowed to buy" we shall bring;

This set of 3 spring blossom mixing bowls. A rare sight at SA lately. And prices just right at $12.50. But if you have a coupon get them for $7.50.

We could also get this old orchard lid. Now I know the brown is too amazing and please hold back your excitement. The bowl part will not fit in our boat. Not like we could find it at the store anyways. Hard to find uglies!

A stray lid is always a good thing!

These pixies are small and perfect fit in our boat. Beautiful Daisy Pixies!

A trade with a Local Pyrex lover! I traded here a Compass for these. 

Now we only have room for a See and Store canister. Sans seal. But what a uplifting pattern to put in our boat.

Goodwill had something for once! 

Oops. Looks like I ran out of room in my dream boat. I'll just sail away with all these goodies, you can find your own ride right? 

Maybe I will come back later for you. Better not steal any newly put on the shelves pyrex. You will never get to ride in my fictional boat. And I know you love my fictional boat.