Monday, November 25, 2013

Complete Holiday Promo ~Just in time

Sad news. I am having to rewrite this on THH's computer as my macbook charger has decided to sop working. And the keyboard is really weird. I keep hitting the caps lock and I got half way done and hit something and it deleted it all.

Slow few weeks here but I finally came home with something. 

Good news. Last Saturday while THM and THH went to Universal Studios I took the day to do some thrifting and Christmas shopping. I got most of my Christmas shopping done thankfully. Just a few more things and we are good to go.

I took the opportunity to visit a new thrift shop. I walked in and it was packed with stuff. I mean floor to ceiling stuff. Did not comply with ADA standards at all, the isles were smooshed. I made my way around and found the housewares. No Pyrex. So I looked at all the Christmas stuff they had. I mean this place was like a freaking Bronners in there. (Do you know what Bronners is? Most Michigan Christmas experts do) Anyways a double take through the pan lids spot this.

A 404 cradle. Yay! Marked at $2.95.  Now this place is a minimum debit of $5. Darn I needed to find a cool filler item.  So I browsed he Christmas stuff and found an older table runner. Perfect. $3.95.

I took my goodies up to pay and to my surprise it was half off the entire store.  DAMN! I needed to find something else. I really wanted that freaking cradle. and no way was I putting it down to go to the bank for $3.  I spent 45 minutes looking for something else. I just couldn't bring myself to buy something I didn't like. So I finally spotted a craft area. Looking for buttons. I love buttons. I have a few jars full. Not one button in many many bins. But i did manage to find a baggie of beads. THM will love this. He likes any and all art supplies.

Took my new goodies up and finally my total was over $5. I really wanted that cradle. Now to find the Christmas bowl that goes with it.

At another store, that was cash only, thankfully I had cash, and this is why I spent the last of before the $5 min store. They had 2 lime pie plates and at Verde divided dish. If I would of had the cash I would have bought one pie plate. I already have a lime but it was a good deal. I didn't and spent my money on this Old Town Blue stick butter dish. Now I have 3 of the butter dishes.

Then by chance it looks like I am making another butter print set. I found the 502 at St. Vincent De Paul's. I thought I could trade it as that color and style is popular and I have traded a few of them before. But then at Goodwill I found this 503 (and a 475 lid!) . I guess I will keep my eye out for 2 - 501s and see if I could trade the entire set for entire set of something I do not have. I would actually trade both of them right now for a Butterfly gold 502 and 2 - 501s. Or that Christmas 404.

Speaking of Christmas.  Remember when I found the 1960 Holiday Promotion? I was so happy. Well a few months later I found the proper lid.  And then last week I found the cradle! I didn't look closely at the cradle but I knew it was for Pyrex. Not having any bowls I assumed it was for a 043. (I guess I really didn't look at it at all) I didn't notice it was round. But when I got home I found out it went with my Holiday promo. I completed the whole set for around $11. Awesome.

I'm so ready for the holidays to be here. 
I love Christmas!


  1. Nice scores--I particularly like that runner.

  2. How fun that you found the three pieces to your holiday promo Pyrex in three separate places. (And good that you know a set piece when you see it!)

  3. Hooray on finishing the promo casserole! It looks so sharp all reunited!

  4. I live in Ontario, I've been to Bronner's once a couple of years ago, I want to go back!!

    Lucky you with that Christmas bowl - love it!!

  5. Must feel great to complete your promo! I found that 404 cradle recently too! I sooo want the bowl that goes with it. Ratz, too bad we are opposite ends of the country, I have a couple extra BFG 501s I would part with.

  6. Wow it all looks amazing! Good for you!! I've been keeping an eye out for holiday Pyrex but no luck so far. Good luck with the Butterfly Gold.

  7. Every time we go to Frankenmuth we have to stop at Bronners! When I put my tree up I always remember the ornaments that came rrom there.

    1. Another Michigander! awesome. Hope you guys are doing okay with all that snow.

    2. Well not really, my mom grew up there and we used to have family there. We've still got snow here in PA, though! :)