Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pink, blue and gold!

Another time it totally pays to know and be nice to the people who work at your favorite thrift stores.

A few Thursdays ago I saw this 932 at my local thrift shop. They had it marked at $22. Remember a few weeks ago I got  the friendship 933 at a discount because I spoke up about their inconsistent pricing?

Well I spoke up again.  I reminded the manager of the pan I bought and the price. He told me to make an offer. So I offered the same I did for the 933. $15   

He was super sweet and told me I will do you one better, $10".  Hey I'll take it! I told him this is why I always came back. They aren't out there to get everyone. At least this store isn't. Unlike the one in the next town over who price things even higher. And never offer a discount worth it. 

Example : Old Orchard divided dish. $24. 
Yeah right. No freaking way I would pay that much. 

That day I got the 932,  I also picked up a Golden Tulip 024 marked at 5.99. I talked with the cashier and she said that their pricing has been very inconsistent lately. The guy who prices is supposed to be an "expert" at collectibles. I reminded her that something is only worth what a person is willing to pay. And ebay is not a good idea of what they should be charging. She agreed. Maybe I could take over that guys job! 
Manufacture date: 1959
Golden Tulip

And then this. A horizon 472. It came from a different store (price tag was different) and prices okay. It ended up that their store because no one wanted it from the other. They rotate stuff between 4 stores. This shows that maybe the demand and pricing are not working together. I wish they would get their shit together.

All in all last week was a good one. I am thankful the employees are super nice and understand that even the "experts" price stuff dumb. Lucky for me I know my stuff. Not an expert but knowledgeable for sure. 

I never did homework as a kid. I do now! 


  1. Golden Tulip is a pretty one, it was the first promotional I ever found!

  2. So much great Pyrex you have to love it when finds pop up.

  3. Horizon Blue is one of my favorite patterns to collect. Glad you found some!