Friday, November 29, 2013

Pyrex In Action - PIA

In the Pyrex world we love to show off our Pyrex in Action. (PIA)

Of course here in America, Thanksgiving was yesterday. We celebrate like many Mid-West people with a the classic turkey dinner. I think Thanksgiving has turned into a pre-Christmas celebration. (Also Hanukkah started yesterday, so Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!) We take it as a day of rest and good food. I pre-plan most of it and cook on Wednesday, leaving the turkey for Thursday. That guarantees I get in relaxing time with my wonderful family.

There are few tips for cooking with Pyrex.  These will save you heartbreak if you follow them.

1. Stay away from foil. It can leave black marks on the dish that none of us has figured out how to get off.  Instead use the lids that came with them. They can go in the oven.

To do list: clean oven
2.  Be careful of the temperature  of the oven.  According to the Pyrex prize Recipes books you should cook at temperatures below what you would in a shiny pan. I try to keep it under 375f.

We called that Marshmallow Pie. THM ate it up!
It is just sweet potatoes.  
3.   Never ever put a hot dish on anything wet or cold.  It can cause the dish to break. Along these lines never add liquid to a hot dish. The rapid change in temperatures will cause it to break. It could crack or explode. Have some handy potholders to set it on. Let the dish cool before you wash it.

A perfect time to use all the fall colors. 
4.  Never use anything but Flameware on the stove top. When using Flameware if you have an electric stove (glass top, coil)  use a grid. These can often be found in hardware stores, or you can find them online.  I have also made some from wire coat hangers.  They allow the heat to disperse more evenly.

My turkey looks orange! 

5.  Do not deep fry in Pyrex.  It will break the dish, the grease will catch fire and you will die. Please don't deep fry anything. save your waist line. (and I love greasy food, but baking you can use Pyrex and still have yummy food)

A chance to use my Corelle napkin rings. 

Not these should be common sense. I mean the dishes are old, most 30+ years old. But sometimes it does not click and things break. sometimes friendly reminders help. And one last reminder.  Never ever put your pyrex in the dishwasher.  There are many ways you can get marks and grease off. PSA on dishwasher death.

I hope your holiday was wonderful yesterday.  And if you didn't celebrate anything yesterday and it was just another day, I hope your future holidays are wonderful.

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