Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sale away with me

Sail away with me in my new boat!

We'll in my dreams because buzzkill THH told me no to the boat. Why the hell are men so.... so...... Ugg.

It isn't like it was a yacht or something. It fit in the store. Surely it would fit in my 4Runner right!? 

So in this "boat I was not allowed to buy" we shall bring;

This set of 3 spring blossom mixing bowls. A rare sight at SA lately. And prices just right at $12.50. But if you have a coupon get them for $7.50.

We could also get this old orchard lid. Now I know the brown is too amazing and please hold back your excitement. The bowl part will not fit in our boat. Not like we could find it at the store anyways. Hard to find uglies!

A stray lid is always a good thing!

These pixies are small and perfect fit in our boat. Beautiful Daisy Pixies!

A trade with a Local Pyrex lover! I traded here a Compass for these. 

Now we only have room for a See and Store canister. Sans seal. But what a uplifting pattern to put in our boat.

Goodwill had something for once! 

Oops. Looks like I ran out of room in my dream boat. I'll just sail away with all these goodies, you can find your own ride right? 

Maybe I will come back later for you. Better not steal any newly put on the shelves pyrex. You will never get to ride in my fictional boat. And I know you love my fictional boat. 


  1. I love the boat! Its a class status symbol! haha

  2. I have never seen a pixie in real life but I know I'd like them!

  3. Love the pixies! And every time I see Old Orchard I think of you! I just saw a set of mixing bowls yesterday ;)

  4. If it makes you feel better, that is a sunfish sailboat and it looks like some of the pieces might be missing (like the mast?). They should be easy to find on Craigslist (with the trailer, hopefully) in better shape if you can convince him later on! :)