Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year end Review - Top 5 scores.

Lets look back on some of my years great scores. 

We all remember this one. An Eyes set. I found this set together at a local thrift. I about sided when I found it. I paid a whopping $6.50 for it. It was on sale and I don't think they knew what they had.  It is on our list at #5

Then another holy grail piece is the Startburst Space Saver I found at the same thrift.  THM was with me that day and he seems just as happy as I was when we found it. Paying a little more than the eyes, it comes in as # 4.

#3 is a set I love. I know may people hate Old Orchard but the brown just calls to me.  Maybe because I grew up playing in the mud or the simplicity of the colors. I made it my pattern. I completed my fridgie set from local sellers and an online trade.

Now #2 isn't Pyrex, but it is something I use everyday. It is a Griffiths Spice rack. In Pink! I lve this thing. I can see each one and not have a ton of jars on my shelf. It makes my kitchen even more cheery. the purchase also supported out local AIDS foundation. They have a small shop right around the corner form my house.

And number 1 on my list isn't something rare. It is something close to my heart.  It is the Friendship Cinderella set I was given by my mother. This was a wedding gift to her. I was lucky enough to find the missing 443 with my mom at a local thrift when she came to visit. By far if I could only have one set, this would be it. I'm more sentimental as I get older.

I hope for big things in 2014. Hopefully a few of my unicorns will come true. Hopefully I finish some sets. Hopefully you all join me for the fun thrifting journeys ahead.

Happy New Year!
May 2014 be filled with joy and Pyrex. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgie set

I think not only our weather, but Pyrex is trying to make spring come way to freaking early.

See? Nice sunny sky!
THM was looking at the ocean off the 405.
I had, but not in my possession, completed my spring blossom refrigerator set a while back. When I went back to Michigan I never got ahold of my cousin to get my 503. (see that at post - Spring Blossom Fridgies 1 ) I figured whatever. I will get it next time.

The ones my cousin found, Now all have been a gift.
 Making others Pyrex dreams come true. 
Then yesterday I stopped at a few antique malls. One had just about every booth on sale. I did not notice until I was half way done. The signs were all up so high and I am short so I missed them. I had to go back through the entire thing. What a shame (please notice the sarcastic tone in my writing, there needs to be a font for that) I was on the phone with my mom and  I found this guy….. at a really good price (dude and on sale). AND he had his lid!

I hung up with my mom and I called my other cousin and told her "Merry Christmas, Get that spring blossom from your sister in law and keep it. My present to you!" She collects spring blossom. So I am happy it was given to a good home. 

Now I need to find the loaf pan and 664. I'm sure 2014 will bring me more treasures. I don't need them but man I do love them. Who am I kidding. I need them. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What is the box 3 - Christmas edition

Merry Christmas!
I hope your day was a wonderful one
 filled with family and joy. 

Today is the perfect day for another "what is in the box".

Here is said box. It is wrapped in holiday paper. It is my gift from my mother in law. She has the sickness too.  Don't mind THH ugly foot.

I unwrap box. No hints as it is a postal box. This is a good sign. Meaning something awesome is inside.

Open postal box. Another good sign. Wrapping supplies.

Toss out wrapping supplies and we have ………………….

1960 Promo item, "Salad Bowl" 444


It's given name is not fetus but if you look at the pear and leaf you see a fetus. Us Pyrexians have given it that nickname. When found with an original box they call it "Salad bowl with tongs." I like Fetus better. 

I have wanted this bowl for a long time. (Remember I found one back in Palm Springs and they wanted too much money. Well screw Palm Springs, I have one now.)

When I skyped my mom she said I can see the fetus too. And now you can and you will never look at it the same way again.

It was my only Pyrex gift, but it sure is a great one.

Not bad for being overly tired!
Merry Christmas, I hope you call had a wonderful holiday. And I hope our new year brings much joy and Pyrex in our lives. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Pyrex I Didn't Buy - 11

Almost the end of the year. One more edition of stuff I did not buy.  I saw so much I didn't buy. I have come to that stage. I don't want/need a bunch anymore. Do not get me wrong I LOVE Pyrex, but I do not want to have  rooms and rooms of Pyrex sitting around. I like to look at my stuff and use it. So here is the last of it and where to find it.

Old Orchard 401-401
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

I already have this. I am on the hunt for the 404. Although these were in good shape. I went back the next day and someone had bought them. I am glad there is another OO lover out there. maybe my Doppleganger. I left it to you. You are welcome.

Snowflake divided dish
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Again I have this one. And again when I went back the next day it was gone. I don't understand why they price so high. I know they have percent off days, but some one. No one thinks they are getting a deal at $15.

Early American 444
Salvation Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Even though this is priced not as a collectable they still priced it way to high.  The funny thing is they had two other 444s and they were priced at $15 each (do we see a pattern!). Wonder why this guy, to them, is worth less. Maybe because it has a design on it? Ugg

Primary Yellow 404
Goodwill, Los Angeles, CA (on Western)
Price - not sure I didn't even look

How may times am I going to find this guy? At least it was at Goodwill and not on their website. It really sucks when they put them for outrageous prices online. This is why we don't find much at Goodwill, they like to stick everything online and jack the prices up and make you pay a handling fee along with shipping. Lame-o. 

Spring Blossom 475
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

I hate this SA with a passion. The manager is a jackass. They price things so high and they pack it all in. They are not ADA compliant. Hell they are not even skinny people compliant. I swear I am going to break something in that store one day. 

Spring Blossom 444
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

Welcome to "it says Pyrex so we price it like ebay" sometimes they even put ebay listing on items. To "show" its value. Give me a freaking break. You are a thrift store.  Stuff is donated to you. Pass on the generosity and pass a little on to the people who pay your paychecks. 

So none of it entered my house. THH is happy and I get to share it with you all. Maybe 2014 will have better prices. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Carousel Restaurant, East Hollywood, CA

Post about food- my favorite second thing in this world. 

Every once and while we go out to eat to different types of places. For Christmas we took THH's business partner out to lunch. I must share this place with you.


It is called Carousel (we went to the one in Hollywood).  They serve Authentic Middle Eastern food. It is fabulous! I could eat there every week. Except I would over eat and get fat and be happy.

Now I have no clue what most of this is. There is hummus, and cabbage salad. Some chicken, steak, falafel. But my favorite thing was the Fatayer - Cheese Boreg Turnovers stuffed with white cheese and pan fried. Like a cheese stick but a million times better. Slightly salty, greasy (inside from the cheese) and hot. We ordered extra they are that good. 

Fatayer - my new favorite food. 

The hummus was yummy, mixed with the red stuff (top of picture) it was even better. Reminded me of the smell of coney sauce.  
the rice and the bulgur are perfect

Olives and the front bowl was hummus. It was delish!
Now I tried everything and there wasn't something I didn't like. I really wish I could tell you what all of the food is. But I don't speak Arabic. Sage, THH partner does thankfully. He grew up with this food. said he could make most of it. I must learn how to make the Fatayer. 

Cabbage salad (L) unknown lol (R)

We had the family style meal: Hammos, Mutabbal, Tabbuleh, Muhammara, Sarma (warak Enab), Pickels, Olives, Cheese, Vegetables, Cabbage Salad, Kofta (Kbbeh Maklieh), Fatayer (Cheese Boreg), Chi-Kofta (Kbbeh Nayyeh), Soujouk Flambe, Chicken Breast, Lula (Kafta), and Filet Shish Kebabs, with Rice and Bulgar Pilaf.    

We got THM french fries. 
I tell you, if you are ever in the area and need some place to eat, spend the money and go. The decode is nothing fancy and it is in a strip mall, but the food is what counts. Just don't count your calories. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spring, Fall and Winter in December

I think the gods were looking upon me this week. They may have been feeling sorry for me as I have found nothing much as of Pyrex and I have been home all day with my 5 year for 3 weeks who asks way too many questions.

I had a free day today. THH took THM to the office with him. He gets to go on a few conditions and he loves it. I think it shows THM how hard his dad works and gives him a little inside in his dads daily work. Plus they have an editor in this week finishing up a project and that will be cool for him to see a professional editor in action. 

So I ran over to Salvation Army first thing. I walked in and saw again for the millionth time 2 - 444s. An Old Orchard and a Verde. I passed them up like always. Then I spotted this:

Spring in December

A 404 Spring Blossom. These seem sorta hard to come by. I know of a few collectors who are looking for one. And it just so happens that I needed this one to complete my set. I had taken a few pictures of my almost completed sets yesterday, so now I get to redo that one! 

So happy. 

I also snagged at very good prices, a opal 022 with lid.  It is so darn cute! Even though it is opal I like it. It is a great size for leftovers. Or jell-o.

And an Autumn Harvest 403. I have a 401, so I guess I will start this set. What am I doing! I just finished one and now I think I should start a new one! I have lost my freaking marbles.

Fall in December
I also stopped at a local antique store I do not get to go to very often. They have a bunch of common pattern Pyrex, but their prices tend to be high. So I don't always come home with stuff. Today I did find a snowflake space saver for a reasonable price. I always compare what other local stores would price it as. You may think somethings high, but if you know what all the stores around are selling it for (and sometimes ebay) you can have an idea if you are over paying or not.

Winter in December

One more space saver and an open baker and snowflakes are complete. I am kicking butt this year.

And the crowning jewel to my day is this vintage ceramic Christmas tree. For some reason us Pyrex collectors have al fallen head over heals with the damn things.  I remember my mom having one. Here is another little history  lesson for you.  Most of these were made back in the 70s when pottery was super big. People would go to those paint your own places. She said she had done one, but has no clue what happened to it.

Well SA hasn't jumped on that bandwagon yet and it was only $4. Complete with all bulbs. AWESOME!

Hopefully there are more days like this ahead of me. Even though I don't go out as much these days, when I do go out I go everywhere.

Good day!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I's a vintage Christmas.

It is that time of year again. Where everyone puts out their finest lights and finds the perfect tree. Where people spread cheer all around. 

My house is no different. Christmas reminds me of being at home (I think I still consider Michigan my home) . Snow on the ground, music playing, and being so excited for Santa to come.

The main attraction; our tree.
 Outfitted with homemade, vintage and sentimental ornaments. 

As an adult I have kept traditions alive. Except I don't have the money for a snow machine. SoCal sucks sometimes. 

Our tree is not color coordinated. It has ornaments from my childhood and we make new ones every year. 

My very first ornament. 

THM's favorite. It is a picture when we first got our dog. 

My stockings are also the ones I grew up with. They were a gift to my mother. I used to use one with my name but when I became a mom I was given the "mom". My mother made matching ones for my men last year.  

The hangers are also he same ones I grew up with. Being the youngest I always was stuck with the snowman. Never Santa. So I'm a bitch and get Santa every year now. I make THM have the snowman. He can have Santa when he has kids. 

Now as you know I'm a little odd. Well that didn't fall far from the Christmas tree. My grandma was just as weird. 

I was gifted this nativity set after she passed. My mother has the same exact one. Except the camel. My camel is awesome. Over the years the camel got broke. So what is a person to do? Well I'm sorry but you cannot leave the camel out. He is the best part. 

Like the awesome lady grandma was she replaced it with a plastic toy camel.  It doesn't fit the scale and it doesn't even come close to fitting in. But every year the camel is center stage.  It has issues with baby Jesus. 

A camel with issues. I love that thing. 

I also have her ceramic elves. I don't know about these things but I always put them out. 

And my personal contribution  to the decore are my Tom and Jerry sets. I showed you these last year and again I have them on my super awesome "Holiday Display". I'll let you see the whole thing if you come back. Ha I am making you read my blog.  It is like  the the cliff hanger to a really good tv show. Except I'm not Netflix! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Autumn Harvest Complete!

(Happy to have my macbook back!!!)

I love the brown colors of Pyrex.  I had a little christmas shopping to finish up and since I was told I could not come home until I was called due to the boys wrapping gifts, I took the time to hit up a few thrift stores.

OO Divided dish

I am "this" close to finishing my Old Orchard set. This guy was on sale so I picked him up. I have passed him a few times at the same store, not wanting to pay their high price. I have 21 divided dishes now. I have the sickness. I bet you do too if you are reading this. 

I also came across the counterpart to my trailing flowers. It was also on sale so it came home with me. I wish I had the fabric cozies for theses. That would be cool. A little clean up and the dish is like new. 

Then I came across this mish-mash of a "set. It is 3 Autumn harvest bowls and a woodland. Lucky for me I have the correct Autumn Harvest 441 to complete the set. And now only need 1 more Woodland to complete that set. So total score!

Just need the 442

The lady at the thrift store asked me I was in the day before. I told her I was not. She told me I looked like a girl that had looked at them the day before, but remarked she would come back the next day. You snooze you lose. I wonder if I have a doppleganger in the area who loves Pyrex as much as I do. Well she should know I am out early and know the places for the Pyrex. I will be the winner.
Found the 441 at goodwill a while back. I love that size.

Then the crowing gems of the weekend are these 2 Hollywood Regency Lamps. I love these type of lamps. The bottom lights up too. I have a green one I found at goodwill and a red one my step-dad had when he was a kid. I gave my step-dads to THM for his room. It is awesome. 

They did not have the lamp harps but Bed Bath and Beyond carries replacements harps. I also got 2 perfect fitting lamp shades at the same place I got the lamps. When I went up to the counter I asked the cashier if they were priced as a set since only one was marked. He told me "why not" and gave me the lamp shades as a set too. 

They cleaned up super nice. Since we moved out "big ass" TV down from the mantel in order to use our heater (it has been in the 30s here in SoCal in the morning) I put them up by baby jesus and "A Beautiful Fucking Experience" movie poster.   Fun fact - THH was one of the producers of that movie. The poster is signed by Shepard Fairey (Artist) and Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips).  Sadly for you they have sold out. If you are interested in the film, here is the trailer.

All in all my scores were wonderful and I am happy to have my ugly lamps making my living room look even more old lady. I have strange taste.