Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year end Review - Top 5 scores.

Lets look back on some of my years great scores. 

We all remember this one. An Eyes set. I found this set together at a local thrift. I about sided when I found it. I paid a whopping $6.50 for it. It was on sale and I don't think they knew what they had.  It is on our list at #5

Then another holy grail piece is the Startburst Space Saver I found at the same thrift.  THM was with me that day and he seems just as happy as I was when we found it. Paying a little more than the eyes, it comes in as # 4.

#3 is a set I love. I know may people hate Old Orchard but the brown just calls to me.  Maybe because I grew up playing in the mud or the simplicity of the colors. I made it my pattern. I completed my fridgie set from local sellers and an online trade.

Now #2 isn't Pyrex, but it is something I use everyday. It is a Griffiths Spice rack. In Pink! I lve this thing. I can see each one and not have a ton of jars on my shelf. It makes my kitchen even more cheery. the purchase also supported out local AIDS foundation. They have a small shop right around the corner form my house.

And number 1 on my list isn't something rare. It is something close to my heart.  It is the Friendship Cinderella set I was given by my mother. This was a wedding gift to her. I was lucky enough to find the missing 443 with my mom at a local thrift when she came to visit. By far if I could only have one set, this would be it. I'm more sentimental as I get older.

I hope for big things in 2014. Hopefully a few of my unicorns will come true. Hopefully I finish some sets. Hopefully you all join me for the fun thrifting journeys ahead.

Happy New Year!
May 2014 be filled with joy and Pyrex. 

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  1. All great finds! I am so jealous of the eyes, though. Maybe this year I'll find them!