Monday, December 9, 2013

Autumn Harvest Complete!

(Happy to have my macbook back!!!)

I love the brown colors of Pyrex.  I had a little christmas shopping to finish up and since I was told I could not come home until I was called due to the boys wrapping gifts, I took the time to hit up a few thrift stores.

OO Divided dish

I am "this" close to finishing my Old Orchard set. This guy was on sale so I picked him up. I have passed him a few times at the same store, not wanting to pay their high price. I have 21 divided dishes now. I have the sickness. I bet you do too if you are reading this. 

I also came across the counterpart to my trailing flowers. It was also on sale so it came home with me. I wish I had the fabric cozies for theses. That would be cool. A little clean up and the dish is like new. 

Then I came across this mish-mash of a "set. It is 3 Autumn harvest bowls and a woodland. Lucky for me I have the correct Autumn Harvest 441 to complete the set. And now only need 1 more Woodland to complete that set. So total score!

Just need the 442

The lady at the thrift store asked me I was in the day before. I told her I was not. She told me I looked like a girl that had looked at them the day before, but remarked she would come back the next day. You snooze you lose. I wonder if I have a doppleganger in the area who loves Pyrex as much as I do. Well she should know I am out early and know the places for the Pyrex. I will be the winner.
Found the 441 at goodwill a while back. I love that size.

Then the crowing gems of the weekend are these 2 Hollywood Regency Lamps. I love these type of lamps. The bottom lights up too. I have a green one I found at goodwill and a red one my step-dad had when he was a kid. I gave my step-dads to THM for his room. It is awesome. 

They did not have the lamp harps but Bed Bath and Beyond carries replacements harps. I also got 2 perfect fitting lamp shades at the same place I got the lamps. When I went up to the counter I asked the cashier if they were priced as a set since only one was marked. He told me "why not" and gave me the lamp shades as a set too. 

They cleaned up super nice. Since we moved out "big ass" TV down from the mantel in order to use our heater (it has been in the 30s here in SoCal in the morning) I put them up by baby jesus and "A Beautiful Fucking Experience" movie poster.   Fun fact - THH was one of the producers of that movie. The poster is signed by Shepard Fairey (Artist) and Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips).  Sadly for you they have sold out. If you are interested in the film, here is the trailer.

All in all my scores were wonderful and I am happy to have my ugly lamps making my living room look even more old lady. I have strange taste. 


  1. You found some good stuff! Woodland is one of my favorite Pyrex patterns.
    And, yes, I have the sickness, too.

  2. Doppelganger beware! Haha we just gave the trailing flowers promo away as a Thanksmass gift! I also really like your nativity!

  3. I have two of those darn lamps sitting in my dinning room waiting to be repaired and taken to my booth. One blue and the other gold. Cool, but too big for my house.

    Saw two red ones at an estate sale about a yr. ago. They were big, gawdy, and beautiful with the original wicker shades. Still kicking myself in the ass for not buying them. Just didn't have the room.