Saturday, December 21, 2013

Carousel Restaurant, East Hollywood, CA

Post about food- my favorite second thing in this world. 

Every once and while we go out to eat to different types of places. For Christmas we took THH's business partner out to lunch. I must share this place with you.


It is called Carousel (we went to the one in Hollywood).  They serve Authentic Middle Eastern food. It is fabulous! I could eat there every week. Except I would over eat and get fat and be happy.

Now I have no clue what most of this is. There is hummus, and cabbage salad. Some chicken, steak, falafel. But my favorite thing was the Fatayer - Cheese Boreg Turnovers stuffed with white cheese and pan fried. Like a cheese stick but a million times better. Slightly salty, greasy (inside from the cheese) and hot. We ordered extra they are that good. 

Fatayer - my new favorite food. 

The hummus was yummy, mixed with the red stuff (top of picture) it was even better. Reminded me of the smell of coney sauce.  
the rice and the bulgur are perfect

Olives and the front bowl was hummus. It was delish!
Now I tried everything and there wasn't something I didn't like. I really wish I could tell you what all of the food is. But I don't speak Arabic. Sage, THH partner does thankfully. He grew up with this food. said he could make most of it. I must learn how to make the Fatayer. 

Cabbage salad (L) unknown lol (R)

We had the family style meal: Hammos, Mutabbal, Tabbuleh, Muhammara, Sarma (warak Enab), Pickels, Olives, Cheese, Vegetables, Cabbage Salad, Kofta (Kbbeh Maklieh), Fatayer (Cheese Boreg), Chi-Kofta (Kbbeh Nayyeh), Soujouk Flambe, Chicken Breast, Lula (Kafta), and Filet Shish Kebabs, with Rice and Bulgar Pilaf.    

We got THM french fries. 
I tell you, if you are ever in the area and need some place to eat, spend the money and go. The decode is nothing fancy and it is in a strip mall, but the food is what counts. Just don't count your calories. 

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