Sunday, December 15, 2013

I's a vintage Christmas.

It is that time of year again. Where everyone puts out their finest lights and finds the perfect tree. Where people spread cheer all around. 

My house is no different. Christmas reminds me of being at home (I think I still consider Michigan my home) . Snow on the ground, music playing, and being so excited for Santa to come.

The main attraction; our tree.
 Outfitted with homemade, vintage and sentimental ornaments. 

As an adult I have kept traditions alive. Except I don't have the money for a snow machine. SoCal sucks sometimes. 

Our tree is not color coordinated. It has ornaments from my childhood and we make new ones every year. 

My very first ornament. 

THM's favorite. It is a picture when we first got our dog. 

My stockings are also the ones I grew up with. They were a gift to my mother. I used to use one with my name but when I became a mom I was given the "mom". My mother made matching ones for my men last year.  

The hangers are also he same ones I grew up with. Being the youngest I always was stuck with the snowman. Never Santa. So I'm a bitch and get Santa every year now. I make THM have the snowman. He can have Santa when he has kids. 

Now as you know I'm a little odd. Well that didn't fall far from the Christmas tree. My grandma was just as weird. 

I was gifted this nativity set after she passed. My mother has the same exact one. Except the camel. My camel is awesome. Over the years the camel got broke. So what is a person to do? Well I'm sorry but you cannot leave the camel out. He is the best part. 

Like the awesome lady grandma was she replaced it with a plastic toy camel.  It doesn't fit the scale and it doesn't even come close to fitting in. But every year the camel is center stage.  It has issues with baby Jesus. 

A camel with issues. I love that thing. 

I also have her ceramic elves. I don't know about these things but I always put them out. 

And my personal contribution  to the decore are my Tom and Jerry sets. I showed you these last year and again I have them on my super awesome "Holiday Display". I'll let you see the whole thing if you come back. Ha I am making you read my blog.  It is like  the the cliff hanger to a really good tv show. Except I'm not Netflix! 


  1. Those elves are so cute! And you enjoy that Santa, you earned it!