Monday, December 23, 2013

Pyrex I Didn't Buy - 11

Almost the end of the year. One more edition of stuff I did not buy.  I saw so much I didn't buy. I have come to that stage. I don't want/need a bunch anymore. Do not get me wrong I LOVE Pyrex, but I do not want to have  rooms and rooms of Pyrex sitting around. I like to look at my stuff and use it. So here is the last of it and where to find it.

Old Orchard 401-401
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

I already have this. I am on the hunt for the 404. Although these were in good shape. I went back the next day and someone had bought them. I am glad there is another OO lover out there. maybe my Doppleganger. I left it to you. You are welcome.

Snowflake divided dish
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Again I have this one. And again when I went back the next day it was gone. I don't understand why they price so high. I know they have percent off days, but some one. No one thinks they are getting a deal at $15.

Early American 444
Salvation Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Even though this is priced not as a collectable they still priced it way to high.  The funny thing is they had two other 444s and they were priced at $15 each (do we see a pattern!). Wonder why this guy, to them, is worth less. Maybe because it has a design on it? Ugg

Primary Yellow 404
Goodwill, Los Angeles, CA (on Western)
Price - not sure I didn't even look

How may times am I going to find this guy? At least it was at Goodwill and not on their website. It really sucks when they put them for outrageous prices online. This is why we don't find much at Goodwill, they like to stick everything online and jack the prices up and make you pay a handling fee along with shipping. Lame-o. 

Spring Blossom 475
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

I hate this SA with a passion. The manager is a jackass. They price things so high and they pack it all in. They are not ADA compliant. Hell they are not even skinny people compliant. I swear I am going to break something in that store one day. 

Spring Blossom 444
Salvation Army, Torrance, CA

Welcome to "it says Pyrex so we price it like ebay" sometimes they even put ebay listing on items. To "show" its value. Give me a freaking break. You are a thrift store.  Stuff is donated to you. Pass on the generosity and pass a little on to the people who pay your paychecks. 

So none of it entered my house. THH is happy and I get to share it with you all. Maybe 2014 will have better prices. 


  1. I'm always surprised when people online say, "I won't pay more than $5 for a piece of Pyrex! $5 is too expensive!" or "I've never paid more than $5 for a piece of Pyrex!" I'm wondering how these peeps have built their collection & we're they're living, totally jel. $5 is expensive? Would like to live there! $5.99 is probably the average here.

    I'm surprised at your Salvation Army! I'd expect that from a for profit thrift, however, most SA here sell most of the collectibles out the back anyways so they never make it to the floor for anybody to see how they would be priced. They hand out vouchers here for people on social assistance to buy clothing from SA.

    1. Our Local SA is a little weird. All things go to a price guy who is supposedly an expert on glass and stuff. Then they put it in bins and date it. On those dates it is put on the shelves. I normally watch them put it out. (I want to be the expert! save it all for myself!!)

      I sometimes come across cheap prices. Average price at SA is $10-$15. But normally I will go on % off days. or I haggle with them. That is another odd thing mine does, you can make offers and most time they accept it.

    2. I'm one of those people (although I'm not sure if I've said it online!) I've paid $5 for a piece I really liked, but I won't pay much more than that. My latest finds were seventy-five cents and three for a dollar, at an estate sale.

      My logic is that I use my Pyrex and I'm a clutz in the kitchen. I leave the more expensive pieces for someone who wants it more than I do and is less likely to break it. There's enough dirt cheap stuff out there that I've managed to put together enough to keep my kitchen stocked.

  2. Good to know - I'll try haggling next time I'm in Long Beach!

  3. My local GW's and SA's are still reasonable on Pyrex (most items $5 or under, some at 99 cents, nothing above, say, $8), But a couple of the other thrift stores that benefit either the Humane Society or the local hospital do price particular items higher.
    I've even seen some of their volunteers online pulling up comparable merchandise before pricing. Funny thing is that they're not consistent. For instance, at one of the stores I just visited, their Pyrex is priced at almost Ebay level, and they have all of their heavy, very used pans priced at $15-25 per piece. (Crazy.) Yet, that same day there, I found and bought six Russel Wright Harkerware bread and butter plates marked at 75 cents each. Perhaps they're aware of only the stuff that's currently super popular?

  4. There is so much pyrex around these parts that I don't buy even at low prices because it doesn't move for me. And I don't bake/have space so there's not too much point collecting it. I absolutely adore the patterns and pieces but them's the breaks. Boo! ;)