Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgie set

I think not only our weather, but Pyrex is trying to make spring come way to freaking early.

See? Nice sunny sky!
THM was looking at the ocean off the 405.
I had, but not in my possession, completed my spring blossom refrigerator set a while back. When I went back to Michigan I never got ahold of my cousin to get my 503. (see that at post - Spring Blossom Fridgies 1 ) I figured whatever. I will get it next time.

The ones my cousin found, Now all have been a gift.
 Making others Pyrex dreams come true. 
Then yesterday I stopped at a few antique malls. One had just about every booth on sale. I did not notice until I was half way done. The signs were all up so high and I am short so I missed them. I had to go back through the entire thing. What a shame (please notice the sarcastic tone in my writing, there needs to be a font for that) I was on the phone with my mom and  I found this guy….. at a really good price (dude and on sale). AND he had his lid!

I hung up with my mom and I called my other cousin and told her "Merry Christmas, Get that spring blossom from your sister in law and keep it. My present to you!" She collects spring blossom. So I am happy it was given to a good home. 

Now I need to find the loaf pan and 664. I'm sure 2014 will bring me more treasures. I don't need them but man I do love them. Who am I kidding. I need them. 

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