Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spring, Fall and Winter in December

I think the gods were looking upon me this week. They may have been feeling sorry for me as I have found nothing much as of Pyrex and I have been home all day with my 5 year for 3 weeks who asks way too many questions.

I had a free day today. THH took THM to the office with him. He gets to go on a few conditions and he loves it. I think it shows THM how hard his dad works and gives him a little inside in his dads daily work. Plus they have an editor in this week finishing up a project and that will be cool for him to see a professional editor in action. 

So I ran over to Salvation Army first thing. I walked in and saw again for the millionth time 2 - 444s. An Old Orchard and a Verde. I passed them up like always. Then I spotted this:

Spring in December

A 404 Spring Blossom. These seem sorta hard to come by. I know of a few collectors who are looking for one. And it just so happens that I needed this one to complete my set. I had taken a few pictures of my almost completed sets yesterday, so now I get to redo that one! 

So happy. 

I also snagged at very good prices, a opal 022 with lid.  It is so darn cute! Even though it is opal I like it. It is a great size for leftovers. Or jell-o.

And an Autumn Harvest 403. I have a 401, so I guess I will start this set. What am I doing! I just finished one and now I think I should start a new one! I have lost my freaking marbles.

Fall in December
I also stopped at a local antique store I do not get to go to very often. They have a bunch of common pattern Pyrex, but their prices tend to be high. So I don't always come home with stuff. Today I did find a snowflake space saver for a reasonable price. I always compare what other local stores would price it as. You may think somethings high, but if you know what all the stores around are selling it for (and sometimes ebay) you can have an idea if you are over paying or not.

Winter in December

One more space saver and an open baker and snowflakes are complete. I am kicking butt this year.

And the crowning jewel to my day is this vintage ceramic Christmas tree. For some reason us Pyrex collectors have al fallen head over heals with the damn things.  I remember my mom having one. Here is another little history  lesson for you.  Most of these were made back in the 70s when pottery was super big. People would go to those paint your own places. She said she had done one, but has no clue what happened to it.

Well SA hasn't jumped on that bandwagon yet and it was only $4. Complete with all bulbs. AWESOME!

Hopefully there are more days like this ahead of me. Even though I don't go out as much these days, when I do go out I go everywhere.

Good day!!

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  1. A friend recently bought one of those ceramic trees - the lights were little birds. Kind of cute!