Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dying a slipcover

I have a thing for furniture. I always have. I used to change my bedroom furniture constantly. My mom had this big garage type thing with a "bonus room" up top.  This is were I would put up furniture and hang out in the summer. It also stored all the random furniture she would collect. Lets see we had bunk beds, a twin size bookcase style bed, a day bed, a cannon ball full size bed and a trundle bed. I became a pro at taking the beds from the garage and through the house. I could carry them downstairs, outside, into the house, up the stairs and into my room.

As an adult I still have this thing for furniture. Luckily my budget does not allow what I really want for the dining room because THH would kill me. Our china cabinet weighs a ton and we have only ever moved it once.

We have had 2 beds. I currently love out Ikea frame and mattress. Plus is is HUGE.

But have never found a couch I like. We have had a small love seat, a futon, a sectional and then took pieces of the sectional and made a small couch. I always buy used or get for free. I was sick of our sectional. So I gave it to a friend and found a simple Ikea Hagalund on craigslist.  It fit in my 4runner.

In the car, ready to go home. 

So we get it home and up the stairs. 

I run to Joanns. I am not thrilled with the white at all. But this couch is a slipcovered one. So it can be washed (huge positive) and also 100% cotton, so it can be dyed!  I grab 5 bottles of Rit Dye. 

1 Black
2 Dark Green
2 Lemon Yellow

According to Rit Dye this is the formula for a  dark green. I wanted it to match our lazy boy chair. 

I take off the covers and wash them so remove any dirt and stains first. 

Then I followed the directions for a front loader machine. I took the wet covers and separated them. Two per load. I mixed the 1 bottle of green, 1 yellow and 1/2 the black with 4 cups hot water.

I started the machine and let the hot water start flowing.  Then I dumped the dye mix in.  Flushed with 4 cups hot water. Waited 10 minutes and added 1 cup salt mixed with 4 cups hot water.  Flushed again with hot water.
Salt water, using my big 8 cup batter bowl

Waited the 70 minutes for the longest wash cycle to end. I wanted to bad to see if I screwed this up. 

Don't mind the laundry on the floor.
It was laundry day yesterday. It did not get done

OH look! I didn't screw it up. 

Put it in the drier and started batch two.  Lets pray it would match the first batch. 

I did everything again. I worked out. It was about 10pm by now. 

All done! I got the covers back on (super simple) and we put it in place. 

This couch retails for $479 +tax

I got it for $75 on craigslist. Plus the $20 for the Dye. 
I say I did really well! 

It also pulls out into a bed. I need guests. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowflake Garland - A Craigslist find

Oh Pyrex…. Oh Oh Pyrex. Why have you decide to stop being so abundant at reasonable prices. I know,  because stupid TV shows and the internet has decide that you are not really popular and everyone is looking to make a dollar. Well I won't fall into your trap. Nope not at all. Even if that means leaving stuff behind.


Spring Blossom 444 - SA Marked $24.99
Spring Blossom 441, 443 plus a random Fireking Bowl, SA Marked $39.99

Yes I understand people like it. But I do not understand is why anyone thinks when  thrift store would get stuff for free and marked it so high that it is a good idea.

So I have taken to looking else ware. I scour craigslist. I find an add for a random box of Pyrex for cheap per piece. The woman accepts my offer and we are off to go get it. I have to drive by Angel's stadium on a friday up the 5. OMG the traffic! LA/OC traffic is the worst.

When we finally got to one of the last roads we drove by a thrift store sign. I told THM I would buy him a candy bar if he put up with me and went. I am not below bribing my kid.

Box of Pyrex - Except loaf. 

I found the loaf for cheap at out local "Out of the Closet" I like that store for what they do.  They provide low cost and free AIDS testing. They have a pharmacy inside the store and hand out condoms like they are candy. They help our community. They spread the world of protective sex. Education is key.

My Mom and I call this store "The store mom got stuck in a pair of pants"  True story, she did get stuck in a pair of pants there.  It was funny.

So in the box from craigslist was the 480 series set of Snowflake Garland. I only paid $25 for the whole box so those alone it was worth it.

There was also a Verde 471. That completes my Verde 470/480 Series. 

There was also a red 501 that THM instantly stole.  He has it on his craft table filled with balls of copy paper.  Whatever floats his boat.

There were 3- 470 lids, 2 - green primaries  (one unnumbered) , a Snowflake garland 444 and Horizon Blue 444.  So a total of 13 items.  Making each one about $1.93 a piece. Way cheaper than any thrift store around me.  And I got to hit up a new store.

We pulled in I was like "HOLY SH!T, I hit the mother load of thrift stores."  A whole plaza of thrifts.


I came out with nothing. But you can bet I will be going back alone to dig through everything. They were cheap. And packed. 

By the way, THM got doughnuts for going in with me.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

PIA - Zucchini Ravioli

(Pyrex in Action)

Zucchini Ravioli

I often get asked if I actually use my Pyrex.  Well of course I do. I use every single one. I use them (not all that the same time) everyday.  From cooking, to storage, to kid activities.

Tonight is Skinny Saturday at out house. We used to eat out and get pizza, taco bell or order something but we stopped for the "good fight."

I love this recipe. I found it on pinterest. I have modified it to be simple and omit onions.

Stuff you need:

Marinera Sauce, Ground turkey , spinach, garlic and zucchini

Added the recipe in MyFitnessPal. 

What you need to do:

Take the zucchini and with a wide veggie peeler, peel strips of it. Depending on the size of your zucchini you may need 3 or more.

Brown your ground turkey and add garlic (please use fresh!). If you want you can add the frozen spinach now. If you use fresh add it now to cook it down. I thaw my spinach and add it to the turkey in a bowl. Add a little salt if you want.

Take 2-3 strips and place on your work surface. The take 2-3 more and lay them the other way on top of the first strips.  Add filling.  Take the bottom strips and fold over on stuffing. Then finish with the inner strips folded. Place in pan.

Easy as 1-2-3-4!

After you have the pan full (may or may not use all mix and zucchini, extra mix for an easy lunch for me) take your sauce and pour it over it.

Verde 933!

Bake in pre-heated oven at 375f until hot all the way through. I think I do 30-40 minutes. Depends on it you make them ahead of time and store them in the fridge. Throw in some garlic bread in the oven too. 

Now you are waiting for dinner. But you have this extra zucchini right? Chop it up and freeze it. I add it to my Fajita bag. That is a bag of veggies for soup or fajitas (I had extra peppers so it will be fajitas next time.) I hate to waste my food. This is a good way to start a freezer meal for quick weekday meals.
My "fajita" bag

In goes the extra! 
Clean up the kitchen and wait for this delish, healthy, easy dinner.

Yum!  Paired with a slice of toast and I have dinner. 

Look at that healthy spinach. I like spinach

Per Serving is 1 roll. So 3 for me is a good size, but low calorie dinner
I hope if you try it you enjoy it. I know it has become a regular on my menu. I like I can make enough for lunch the next day, or feed 4 people if need be. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spring is coming early!

I think my goal is becoming a reality this year. I set out to finish sets. I don't need to seat any more new sets. I have been really good about it too. Please hold your applause until after my post. 

One of my favorite things I got from the womb on Facebook was my Spring Blossom 441. I have been looking for this damn bowl for over a year. When people ask what I want in a trades I always go with SB441. 

And look what I got! Isn't this little one a beauty! I think so. The simple one line of green flowers on the stark white.

It is right at home with my others. My Cindy set is complete. So this makes the 4th part of the set complete. I need 2 more things to have the Pyrex section complete. (not including the extra stuff.) 

In a trade I also got these little guys. I traded a verde 475 for these guys. A Sugar and cream set and a little random Salt shaker (not marked Corning, Gemco or Pyrex)

Like little babies. My Pyrex has babies. Aw! 

Hopefully by summer I can make a display and show off the entire collection!  I will find the last 2 things I need. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Corning Military Bowls & misc Pyrex!

If you remember correctly a few months back I got some stuff from a woman on Facebook. (if you want to see that post you can here.)  She posted again and I made the drive, this time alone, to go and get my Pyrex on.

She gave me a good deal. Before I set out to her house I stopped at SA. I always stop there on Saturdays if I am out and about.

No Pyrex but they did have 2 Corning Military bowls. They are big and perfect for salad night.

The marking on it says "corning, Made in USA" and has a dude on it. They are a very heavy glass.

I stopped at 2 more stores and came out with nothing. Sad, but I knew my final destination was going to be a good one.

I  am determined to finish my daisy fridgie set this year. I have had the 503 for a long time. I thought I found two yellow 501s on ebay last year but they turned out to be Verde. When I got the chance to pick this guy up I was like YES! Now yellow 501s please find me! 

Another OO to add to the collection. I don't find OO very often. When I come across it I get giddy. I took a chance because my pictures are all messed up on my phone. I thought I may have this one, but I do not. It came with the brown lid. Another lid I will not have to hunt for. I don;t know why people hate this pattern. The gold and brown are so 70s. It is perfect for me.

Ohhhh Ahhhh Another Space Saver. Why I like these things boggles the mind.  My send piece of golden acorn.  And with lid! 

And another honeysuckle. This is the slightly smaller one than the one I got before. I like these for casseroles. Prettier to put on the table than a round casserole dish. 

I have more I got but to keep my post from being too lengthily I will save that for later. 

Stores have been dry here for my needs. I am trying to keep my karma positive and not buying what I do not want/need. Until then….. Happy Hunting! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It feels good to purge a little.

I'm so happy! Since having this obsession over pyrex I've ended up with doubles. And ended up with some I ask myself why I have. 

So in my quest to be a littlest better about my spending and space I have went through all my stuff and listed it for sale on Craigslist.  

I also hope it will fund the new beauties soon to be mine. 

Well tonight I got a bite. A person wanted to buy one dish. They left with all I had in my car. I don't give my address out. I'm a pyrex drug dealer. Bahahaha

So let's say a fair well to all these guys. 

They all got a new home. 

I'm sharing the love. See I'm not a hoarder. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starline Series - Black Pyrex

I would like to apologize. I am up to it again. I am find amazing pieces in the wild. Well only 1 but who the hell cares, I found me a Rodney Kent!

To be exact it is "Starline Series" by Rodney Kent.  It should have lid, but to find the stand and 503 is awesome anyways. Made in the 1950s sometime. Exact date is unknown. Nothing is own about these except the name and sorta the date. YAY! A little mystery.

Going to get ready and go get a bath. 

Now how did I come across this beauty? Well long back story. And I am not making it short.

November 1st I started a "get healthy" challenge with THH. This was after being a whale in jeans. Those 2 months passed and on January 1st I won, by weighing in 22.5 pounds lighter. (THH was 17 lbs lighter)  Continuing my quest to get fit and healthy I wanted to do something different. We have made a new tradition by going to a new place during the holiday break. (Last year was Santa Barbara) This year I chose Joshua Tree, CA. That is about 130 miles away. Good day trip.  I found a 3 mile hike up the mountain, into a valley and back. THM and I did the entire thing. (and THM is only 5yo! go him!!!) THH did half.

On the mountain. No shade and all rocky. 
Anyways I also did a local trade in the parking lot of a diner. I traded one of my 2 snowflake 045s

Bye Bye, Snowflake 045

for a gooseberry 503. Good trade. The girl I traded with is super sweet. It helps to do local trades. No shipping and no fear of breaking.  Plus I love meeting new Pyrex Lovers.

Sitting in my car after the hike. 

Always after our trade and my 3 mile hike. (my butt is killing me now) we stopped for coffee (after our morning coffee from a random gas station was stale and nasty).  Across the road was some random antique mall. They had like 2 pieces of Pyrex. I kindly asked THH if we could stop at one more. I saw it on my way in and I knew there was something for me there. He was nice and said sure.

Half way done. We made it to the 29 Palm Oasis. 
I went in by myself as the boys drank their fluids in the car. This place looked to be a bust. Until I got in this bright pink room, called the "cupcake" something or other, I forget. I looked around. Saw an autumn harvest 473 for $18.  left it. A snowflake and yellow 404. Left them.  Looked around the rest of the place and again… nothing.

Something told me to go back to the Pink Cupcake (I'm renaming it, at least it is better than pink taco….bahahaha) I go in. Signs for 20% until January 2nd. Poop it is the 4th. Then I spot it. Eye level. Black. Gold…………… and $22. No lid. Hmmmmm…… $22 is sorta a lot of money. Cause I am cheap……. Lets ask Facebook…….. a million "Yes! Yes Yes!!!!!!"  So I take it to the counter.

Exact picture I used to ask Facebook group "Quick yes or no??? $22"

Being the haggler I am I ask if they would honor the 20% off since it was only 2 days and the signs were still there. She said "no, but I can do 10%.  I thought, 10% is better than nothing. I agreed. I then proceeded to let her know where the signed were since she said the owner must have forgot to take them down. "They are at about waist height on 2 bookshelves"…. "I will do the 20%,"  she said interrupting me.  Hey I am not gonna say no, so I was like cool, thanks!

$19 including tax.

I am happy to own it. I think I will pair it with bright colors. Who knows. All I know is I love the black.   Something different. Dark. Eery.

home and exhausted 

So what a happy start to 2014. I knew this year would bring good things. It has so far for me and I hope it does to you. ~Happy Hunting!

nothing eery here!