Saturday, January 11, 2014

Corning Military Bowls & misc Pyrex!

If you remember correctly a few months back I got some stuff from a woman on Facebook. (if you want to see that post you can here.)  She posted again and I made the drive, this time alone, to go and get my Pyrex on.

She gave me a good deal. Before I set out to her house I stopped at SA. I always stop there on Saturdays if I am out and about.

No Pyrex but they did have 2 Corning Military bowls. They are big and perfect for salad night.

The marking on it says "corning, Made in USA" and has a dude on it. They are a very heavy glass.

I stopped at 2 more stores and came out with nothing. Sad, but I knew my final destination was going to be a good one.

I  am determined to finish my daisy fridgie set this year. I have had the 503 for a long time. I thought I found two yellow 501s on ebay last year but they turned out to be Verde. When I got the chance to pick this guy up I was like YES! Now yellow 501s please find me! 

Another OO to add to the collection. I don't find OO very often. When I come across it I get giddy. I took a chance because my pictures are all messed up on my phone. I thought I may have this one, but I do not. It came with the brown lid. Another lid I will not have to hunt for. I don;t know why people hate this pattern. The gold and brown are so 70s. It is perfect for me.

Ohhhh Ahhhh Another Space Saver. Why I like these things boggles the mind.  My send piece of golden acorn.  And with lid! 

And another honeysuckle. This is the slightly smaller one than the one I got before. I like these for casseroles. Prettier to put on the table than a round casserole dish. 

I have more I got but to keep my post from being too lengthily I will save that for later. 

Stores have been dry here for my needs. I am trying to keep my karma positive and not buying what I do not want/need. Until then….. Happy Hunting! 


  1. I love my honeysuckle dish. I never thought i would until I saw it in person, but it is the perfect size and the shape is so different!

  2. I love that honeysuckle dish. What is that shape called? I've never seen one in the wild, and that shape looks so graceful.