Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dying a slipcover

I have a thing for furniture. I always have. I used to change my bedroom furniture constantly. My mom had this big garage type thing with a "bonus room" up top.  This is were I would put up furniture and hang out in the summer. It also stored all the random furniture she would collect. Lets see we had bunk beds, a twin size bookcase style bed, a day bed, a cannon ball full size bed and a trundle bed. I became a pro at taking the beds from the garage and through the house. I could carry them downstairs, outside, into the house, up the stairs and into my room.

As an adult I still have this thing for furniture. Luckily my budget does not allow what I really want for the dining room because THH would kill me. Our china cabinet weighs a ton and we have only ever moved it once.

We have had 2 beds. I currently love out Ikea frame and mattress. Plus is is HUGE.

But have never found a couch I like. We have had a small love seat, a futon, a sectional and then took pieces of the sectional and made a small couch. I always buy used or get for free. I was sick of our sectional. So I gave it to a friend and found a simple Ikea Hagalund on craigslist.  It fit in my 4runner.

In the car, ready to go home. 

So we get it home and up the stairs. 

I run to Joanns. I am not thrilled with the white at all. But this couch is a slipcovered one. So it can be washed (huge positive) and also 100% cotton, so it can be dyed!  I grab 5 bottles of Rit Dye. 

1 Black
2 Dark Green
2 Lemon Yellow

According to Rit Dye this is the formula for a  dark green. I wanted it to match our lazy boy chair. 

I take off the covers and wash them so remove any dirt and stains first. 

Then I followed the directions for a front loader machine. I took the wet covers and separated them. Two per load. I mixed the 1 bottle of green, 1 yellow and 1/2 the black with 4 cups hot water.

I started the machine and let the hot water start flowing.  Then I dumped the dye mix in.  Flushed with 4 cups hot water. Waited 10 minutes and added 1 cup salt mixed with 4 cups hot water.  Flushed again with hot water.
Salt water, using my big 8 cup batter bowl

Waited the 70 minutes for the longest wash cycle to end. I wanted to bad to see if I screwed this up. 

Don't mind the laundry on the floor.
It was laundry day yesterday. It did not get done

OH look! I didn't screw it up. 

Put it in the drier and started batch two.  Lets pray it would match the first batch. 

I did everything again. I worked out. It was about 10pm by now. 

All done! I got the covers back on (super simple) and we put it in place. 

This couch retails for $479 +tax

I got it for $75 on craigslist. Plus the $20 for the Dye. 
I say I did really well! 

It also pulls out into a bed. I need guests. 

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