Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowflake Garland - A Craigslist find

Oh Pyrex…. Oh Oh Pyrex. Why have you decide to stop being so abundant at reasonable prices. I know,  because stupid TV shows and the internet has decide that you are not really popular and everyone is looking to make a dollar. Well I won't fall into your trap. Nope not at all. Even if that means leaving stuff behind.


Spring Blossom 444 - SA Marked $24.99
Spring Blossom 441, 443 plus a random Fireking Bowl, SA Marked $39.99

Yes I understand people like it. But I do not understand is why anyone thinks when  thrift store would get stuff for free and marked it so high that it is a good idea.

So I have taken to looking else ware. I scour craigslist. I find an add for a random box of Pyrex for cheap per piece. The woman accepts my offer and we are off to go get it. I have to drive by Angel's stadium on a friday up the 5. OMG the traffic! LA/OC traffic is the worst.

When we finally got to one of the last roads we drove by a thrift store sign. I told THM I would buy him a candy bar if he put up with me and went. I am not below bribing my kid.

Box of Pyrex - Except loaf. 

I found the loaf for cheap at out local "Out of the Closet" I like that store for what they do.  They provide low cost and free AIDS testing. They have a pharmacy inside the store and hand out condoms like they are candy. They help our community. They spread the world of protective sex. Education is key.

My Mom and I call this store "The store mom got stuck in a pair of pants"  True story, she did get stuck in a pair of pants there.  It was funny.

So in the box from craigslist was the 480 series set of Snowflake Garland. I only paid $25 for the whole box so those alone it was worth it.

There was also a Verde 471. That completes my Verde 470/480 Series. 

There was also a red 501 that THM instantly stole.  He has it on his craft table filled with balls of copy paper.  Whatever floats his boat.

There were 3- 470 lids, 2 - green primaries  (one unnumbered) , a Snowflake garland 444 and Horizon Blue 444.  So a total of 13 items.  Making each one about $1.93 a piece. Way cheaper than any thrift store around me.  And I got to hit up a new store.

We pulled in I was like "HOLY SH!T, I hit the mother load of thrift stores."  A whole plaza of thrifts.


I came out with nothing. But you can bet I will be going back alone to dig through everything. They were cheap. And packed. 

By the way, THM got doughnuts for going in with me.

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  1. The area looks familiar. I'm pretty sure we are shopping within the same local area! Lol Love the snowflake! I just found the refridgerator set this week and will have to post on it soon.