Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starline Series - Black Pyrex

I would like to apologize. I am up to it again. I am find amazing pieces in the wild. Well only 1 but who the hell cares, I found me a Rodney Kent!

To be exact it is "Starline Series" by Rodney Kent.  It should have lid, but to find the stand and 503 is awesome anyways. Made in the 1950s sometime. Exact date is unknown. Nothing is own about these except the name and sorta the date. YAY! A little mystery.

Going to get ready and go get a bath. 

Now how did I come across this beauty? Well long back story. And I am not making it short.

November 1st I started a "get healthy" challenge with THH. This was after being a whale in jeans. Those 2 months passed and on January 1st I won, by weighing in 22.5 pounds lighter. (THH was 17 lbs lighter)  Continuing my quest to get fit and healthy I wanted to do something different. We have made a new tradition by going to a new place during the holiday break. (Last year was Santa Barbara) This year I chose Joshua Tree, CA. That is about 130 miles away. Good day trip.  I found a 3 mile hike up the mountain, into a valley and back. THM and I did the entire thing. (and THM is only 5yo! go him!!!) THH did half.

On the mountain. No shade and all rocky. 
Anyways I also did a local trade in the parking lot of a diner. I traded one of my 2 snowflake 045s

Bye Bye, Snowflake 045

for a gooseberry 503. Good trade. The girl I traded with is super sweet. It helps to do local trades. No shipping and no fear of breaking.  Plus I love meeting new Pyrex Lovers.

Sitting in my car after the hike. 

Always after our trade and my 3 mile hike. (my butt is killing me now) we stopped for coffee (after our morning coffee from a random gas station was stale and nasty).  Across the road was some random antique mall. They had like 2 pieces of Pyrex. I kindly asked THH if we could stop at one more. I saw it on my way in and I knew there was something for me there. He was nice and said sure.

Half way done. We made it to the 29 Palm Oasis. 
I went in by myself as the boys drank their fluids in the car. This place looked to be a bust. Until I got in this bright pink room, called the "cupcake" something or other, I forget. I looked around. Saw an autumn harvest 473 for $18.  left it. A snowflake and yellow 404. Left them.  Looked around the rest of the place and again… nothing.

Something told me to go back to the Pink Cupcake (I'm renaming it, at least it is better than pink taco….bahahaha) I go in. Signs for 20% until January 2nd. Poop it is the 4th. Then I spot it. Eye level. Black. Gold…………… and $22. No lid. Hmmmmm…… $22 is sorta a lot of money. Cause I am cheap……. Lets ask Facebook…….. a million "Yes! Yes Yes!!!!!!"  So I take it to the counter.

Exact picture I used to ask Facebook group "Quick yes or no??? $22"

Being the haggler I am I ask if they would honor the 20% off since it was only 2 days and the signs were still there. She said "no, but I can do 10%.  I thought, 10% is better than nothing. I agreed. I then proceeded to let her know where the signed were since she said the owner must have forgot to take them down. "They are at about waist height on 2 bookshelves"…. "I will do the 20%,"  she said interrupting me.  Hey I am not gonna say no, so I was like cool, thanks!

$19 including tax.

I am happy to own it. I think I will pair it with bright colors. Who knows. All I know is I love the black.   Something different. Dark. Eery.

home and exhausted 

So what a happy start to 2014. I knew this year would bring good things. It has so far for me and I hope it does to you. ~Happy Hunting!

nothing eery here! 


  1. great find awesome price Happy New Year

  2. What a great find and congrats on losing the weight and winning!

  3. I love the stand on the pyrex piece. And congrats on the accomplishments!

  4. Great find! I found mine ITW also, but not with the stand. I paired it with pink 501s and 502 for a custom set.

  5. JEALOUS! I never knew that piece had a stand, wow What a Deal!