Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I have been so bust lately I almost forgot about you.

Here is what I have been up to:

1. working out. I have lost 32.4 Lbs so far. I am eating healthy. I am moving my body!

2. I have been working on a gift for a friend. I cannot say what it is because I know she reads this. I finished it and will be giving it to her this weekend, then I will share it with you.

3. I have been searching for work. Like real work. ugh

But anyways I have also been thrifting a few times.  I have been coming up with very little. I have managed to get a few things.

First I found this red 402. Finially! I found one a few weeks back it poor thing was DWD. This one is nice and shiny. A few scratches but still a good one for a red. My blue is in sad shape but it works for now.

Last weekend I had to run out for something at the thrift store for my friends gift. I also found my first flame glow. They go from orange to red. Very pretty in person. I like the look of them. They are very pretty in person. Pictures do not do these justice. (I did find what I originally went for too)

I also found a cheap woodland 404 that was with the flame glow.  I like woodland. I like brown. Win for me.

Then I was in a different city on Monday. I ran into SA really quick. They normally have their Pyrex really high if they have any. Well they did have something I wanted. Something I have been searching for. A Spring Blossom 664. The BEAST! I asked for a discount because it was higher than normal than I like to pay. They gave me one. Then I ran to my car and did a little happy dance!!!

Do  happy dance with me! All I need to finish off my Spring Blossom collection is the loaf pan. Come to me loaf pan, come to me!

I won;t stay away so long next time. Maybe I will bring back Meatless Mondays. Until then Happy Hunting.