Friday, March 28, 2014

Christmas for my Birthday!

So I am 29 now.  Scary that I have less than a year until I am 30.  It was a great birthday. I got a new swim suit (below).  I also got a little bit of pyrex I have been eyeing at the antique mall.

43 lbs lost and counting! How cute is this suit?
 Happy 29th birthday to me.
I feel fantastic! 

First hubby got me some new heavier weights. I needed those. The 5 lb ones were not cutting it anymore. He also got me a band so I can do the back exercises. Oh and he got me cake. Nice combo right? lol I can work off that cake.

My mom made me a new nightgown and bought me this at the antique mall. It is a called "designs"  They made this patten in a weird shape (no other patten ever came in this shape) and only 2 sizes. A large and a small.

The Pyrex people have coined it "Yoga Butts" I love it.  I found the smaller one.  I need a place to display it. I like it that much.

For myself I bought me the 404 Gold Leaf  promo mixing bowl. I had the cradle. So happy to reunite this guy back with his friends and my house. It is minty minty! not one mark on it.

I have the 3 Holiday promos that came with cradles and are red. Might have to have a Christmas party this year. use them and my Tom and Jerry sets.

Merry Birthday!!!!

And did you know they make a stove top toaster? I had no clue until THB went to make toast today and asked where my toaster was. Ummmmm……..

1st toaster we had stopped working ($10 k-mart cheapie)
2nd toaster I splurged and got a nice stainless steel looking one. Then promptly toasted my bluetooth headset. Thank you THM for putting it in there.
3rd toaster I just replaced the stainless steal one. It broke, under warranty.
4th was the replacement toaster. It bit the dust too. I opted not to get another if they kept breaking.
5th one I got at a thrift. It was green. It held 4 slices. It caught fire. I burnt my hand. I used it maybe 3 times.

5 toasters.  I decided no more toasters. Until today.

I told THB I would just use the broiler. Except sometimes it takes my oven 10 minutes to even turn on. And I have to light the back burner. What can I say I do not have good luck with appliances. (I don't even own a microwave). She said "why not get a stove top toaster.

What the hell is a stove top toaster? I must know as I raced to the computer.  I google "stove top toaster."

A $4 divice for camping. They use propane stoves. Or gas stoves. $4???? Amazon I love you. So I ordered one right then and there. It stores flat and I won't have to waste the energy on my broiler. When it comes I will video it doing it's job and we can see if it works.

Treasure Hunter Mini and Treasure Hunter Bitch.
THM got Star Citizen at his school for the month! 

My life may be changed today.

Birthday Pyrex

Monday, March 24, 2014

Slim Pickens but a Pixie!

So it is my Birthday week! I have plans to go thrifting all Thursday. Maybe hit up an antique store or two. My mom is coming so we will go to the flea market Sunday. I am also going to eat Koegels hotdogs and stuff my face.

Saturday I had a few minutes to run over to my local thrifts. Nothing much. A butter print 502. I already have two but for $2 I picked it up. It was nasty dirty so it got a nice long soak in the sink.

Cleaned up nice with some soap and water

Other thrifts didn't have much. So I hit up some antique stores to browse. They are expensive so I never come home with much, if anything at all. But much luck was strong today. Managed it to pick up a single Pixie. I've seen a few here before and the lady wants $35 a pop. I think she secretly wants them for herself. Or she is knob. Anyways I found this little dude in a tiny both way in the back. at a super cheap price for a pixie. $4. I know right!!!

Maroon.  came to find out this little dude is hard to find! 

Pyrex Tableware. 

I also grabbed this guy from the elements of nature at the outside section. Same booth as the $35 a pop pixies. But she had this guy on sale. He was dirty and alone. I felt bad for him. So I scooped him up and brought him to his nice new home along with the others.  He can gossip about the knob lady with all the other Pyrex in the cabinet.

All in all not a too bad of a day. Glad I came home with something. I also got my cradles that are not on display up on the wall so THH doesn't run into them anymore. And I kept them in the kitchen as requested.  He underestimates my organizational skills. I am a pro.

I hope I didn't offend anyone calling the lady, hell it could be a man, a knob. Im just saying that $35 for 1 verde pixie makes me shake my head and wonder about the booth owner.

My "haul"  LOL

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pink Square Baker

Ok So I am falling behind. And I told you I would tell you this story.

2 Saturdays ago I ran over to SA. Good Ole SA.  It was 40% off day. I wasn't expecting to find anything because they have been cleared out for a while. So I go in. I find a lonely Autumn Harvest 403. Look in at my album on my phone to see if I have it (yes it has gotten hat bad). I didn't. So I grabbed it.  Walked around for a while and nothing else caught my eye. Then I grabbed this FireKing duel casserole stand and dishes. It was marked at $50 but with a red 50% written on it.  I took it up to the counter to nicely ask if it would also be an extra 40%. She said nope.

Already washed and put away with the other 403s

Then the girl asked me if I had seen the pink sure dish she put out earlier? No I did not. We both went over and looked. Someone picked it up. She told me that she hadn't rang anyone up with it.  I grabbed my bowl and started to stalk. I looked everywhere, I started peeking in peoples carts.  Then there it was, on the bottom of a pile of dishes in a ladies cart. OMG a square baker in pink. She must have gotten to it first.

THH ran into it last night because I had it on the floor in the kitchen.
 A while ago he told me to keep the dishes in the kitchen, so it was his own fault. 

Anyone that loves Pyrex knows the "walk-n-stalk".  For you that do not it is where you casually follow someone and hope they put whatever they have back on the shelf. I do not steal out of peoples carts. carts are off limits. I staled her through clear glass, then to bric a brac, then she headed back over to collectables. I stood at the counter telling the cashier she had it. And I was trying to get the price down on the FireKing.  I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye. The cashier noticed I was stalking her. She laughed and we had a good giggle over my technique.

Then… wait for it…… I see it in her hand.  WHAT WAS SHE DOING? Then she carefully sets it down.  My heart races.  The cashier looks at me.  I do my "walk really fast but don't be noticeable" kind of run. I swiped that pink off that table like a baby falling off the couch. Smooth!

So happy, it even got an "in the car" picture! 

As I walked back to the counter I raised it in my hand and did the victory wave it in the air. At this point I could care of the cart lady saw me. It is mine. All Mine. I saw in her cart a yellow 503.

My question? 

Needless to say I was the winner. I also got the Firkeing for an even more reduced price than marked. I am good like that.

I wish I had a camera around to film myself. It must be a riot  to watch.

Oh and here is the fun thing I saw at St. Vincent's about an hour later.

It is a lamp, they wanted $12.99. They are on crack too. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pyrex I Didn't Buy - 12

Lots I did not buy over the last month. Something needs to pop up that I want and do not have.

Autumn Harvest 475
SA, Long Beach, CA

I have this. Duh. But they wanted way too much. I think this would be the number one reason I don't come home with much these days. Prices are awful.

Early American 471
SA, Long Beach, CA

A while ago I got the same dish, at the same store for like $3. Then I walk in and see this. I hate that the stores have been turned onto it and think just because it is a certain brand that they can jack up the prices. 

Opal Divided Dish
SA, Long Beach, CA

Look closely. They redid the price. Origionally they wanted $12.99 for it. It sat there that long and then got transferred to a different store where it got marked down. I saw this on Feb. 26th. As of March 5th it was still there.  Someone won;t even buy it on 40% off day. They should take a note.
Butterfly Gold Corelle
SA, Costa Mesa, CA

This store has not caught on to corelle patterns that match the Pyrex ones. Now I have never found Pyrex at this store. But to me this is a good deal for all of it. But I do not collect this pattern. So I left it for someone who would give it a good home. I am getting way better at not buying everything just because. 

So in 1 month I saw very little. So sad.  My mom is coming out this month and we will be heading to the flea market to do a little shopping. Hopefully there is something out there I want.

I do have a story for you I will share it Friday. We can all shake our heads at a lady here. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Doily - Pretty Blue!

I am back.  Where have I been? I took some time off to focus on myself and my family.  I am down a total of 38.6 lbs. I have a sparkling clean house. I am working on the science fair project my kid wanted to do and I have been spending time with THH whenever I can.

Now this does't mean I haven't gone thrifting. I have. Not as much as I normally do, but I have gone out a few times. Slim pickens here.

One day I did manage to find this doily bottom.

Now I Knew I had seen the lid for sale somewhere. I couldn't remember if I saw it online or in person.  I messages my pyrex lady on Facebook thinking i saw it at her house in her sell pile. She did have it. And sold it to me. While I was there I found the Forest Fancies 472 that I needed to complete my set. So I killed 2 birds with one stone!

I also found this really awesome rack. I don't know what it is supposed to be used for but I got it to hold  my pie plates. They look awesome on my counter. The little dividers bend so I can fit them all. I need more pretty colors. So much pink there!

One thing I did work on while I was on a  break was a quilt for THM. It is a mix of IKEA fabric and random bits and bobs of fabric I had around. It goes perfect in his room. It has to be one of my favorite quilts I have done. It turned out perfect.

So I didn't buy much, but there was a ton I did not buy. Check that out this weekend. THH is filming a playstation commercial so I have lots of time on my hands this weekend.