Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pink Square Baker

Ok So I am falling behind. And I told you I would tell you this story.

2 Saturdays ago I ran over to SA. Good Ole SA.  It was 40% off day. I wasn't expecting to find anything because they have been cleared out for a while. So I go in. I find a lonely Autumn Harvest 403. Look in at my album on my phone to see if I have it (yes it has gotten hat bad). I didn't. So I grabbed it.  Walked around for a while and nothing else caught my eye. Then I grabbed this FireKing duel casserole stand and dishes. It was marked at $50 but with a red 50% written on it.  I took it up to the counter to nicely ask if it would also be an extra 40%. She said nope.

Already washed and put away with the other 403s

Then the girl asked me if I had seen the pink sure dish she put out earlier? No I did not. We both went over and looked. Someone picked it up. She told me that she hadn't rang anyone up with it.  I grabbed my bowl and started to stalk. I looked everywhere, I started peeking in peoples carts.  Then there it was, on the bottom of a pile of dishes in a ladies cart. OMG a square baker in pink. She must have gotten to it first.

THH ran into it last night because I had it on the floor in the kitchen.
 A while ago he told me to keep the dishes in the kitchen, so it was his own fault. 

Anyone that loves Pyrex knows the "walk-n-stalk".  For you that do not it is where you casually follow someone and hope they put whatever they have back on the shelf. I do not steal out of peoples carts. carts are off limits. I staled her through clear glass, then to bric a brac, then she headed back over to collectables. I stood at the counter telling the cashier she had it. And I was trying to get the price down on the FireKing.  I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye. The cashier noticed I was stalking her. She laughed and we had a good giggle over my technique.

Then… wait for it…… I see it in her hand.  WHAT WAS SHE DOING? Then she carefully sets it down.  My heart races.  The cashier looks at me.  I do my "walk really fast but don't be noticeable" kind of run. I swiped that pink off that table like a baby falling off the couch. Smooth!

So happy, it even got an "in the car" picture! 

As I walked back to the counter I raised it in my hand and did the victory wave it in the air. At this point I could care of the cart lady saw me. It is mine. All Mine. I saw in her cart a yellow 503.

My question? 

Needless to say I was the winner. I also got the Firkeing for an even more reduced price than marked. I am good like that.

I wish I had a camera around to film myself. It must be a riot  to watch.

Oh and here is the fun thing I saw at St. Vincent's about an hour later.

It is a lamp, they wanted $12.99. They are on crack too. 

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  1. Congratulations on scooping up that pink beautyf!!!