Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pyrex I Didn't Buy - 12

Lots I did not buy over the last month. Something needs to pop up that I want and do not have.

Autumn Harvest 475
SA, Long Beach, CA

I have this. Duh. But they wanted way too much. I think this would be the number one reason I don't come home with much these days. Prices are awful.

Early American 471
SA, Long Beach, CA

A while ago I got the same dish, at the same store for like $3. Then I walk in and see this. I hate that the stores have been turned onto it and think just because it is a certain brand that they can jack up the prices. 

Opal Divided Dish
SA, Long Beach, CA

Look closely. They redid the price. Origionally they wanted $12.99 for it. It sat there that long and then got transferred to a different store where it got marked down. I saw this on Feb. 26th. As of March 5th it was still there.  Someone won;t even buy it on 40% off day. They should take a note.
Butterfly Gold Corelle
SA, Costa Mesa, CA

This store has not caught on to corelle patterns that match the Pyrex ones. Now I have never found Pyrex at this store. But to me this is a good deal for all of it. But I do not collect this pattern. So I left it for someone who would give it a good home. I am getting way better at not buying everything just because. 

So in 1 month I saw very little. So sad.  My mom is coming out this month and we will be heading to the flea market to do a little shopping. Hopefully there is something out there I want.

I do have a story for you I will share it Friday. We can all shake our heads at a lady here. 

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