Monday, March 24, 2014

Slim Pickens but a Pixie!

So it is my Birthday week! I have plans to go thrifting all Thursday. Maybe hit up an antique store or two. My mom is coming so we will go to the flea market Sunday. I am also going to eat Koegels hotdogs and stuff my face.

Saturday I had a few minutes to run over to my local thrifts. Nothing much. A butter print 502. I already have two but for $2 I picked it up. It was nasty dirty so it got a nice long soak in the sink.

Cleaned up nice with some soap and water

Other thrifts didn't have much. So I hit up some antique stores to browse. They are expensive so I never come home with much, if anything at all. But much luck was strong today. Managed it to pick up a single Pixie. I've seen a few here before and the lady wants $35 a pop. I think she secretly wants them for herself. Or she is knob. Anyways I found this little dude in a tiny both way in the back. at a super cheap price for a pixie. $4. I know right!!!

Maroon.  came to find out this little dude is hard to find! 

Pyrex Tableware. 

I also grabbed this guy from the elements of nature at the outside section. Same booth as the $35 a pop pixies. But she had this guy on sale. He was dirty and alone. I felt bad for him. So I scooped him up and brought him to his nice new home along with the others.  He can gossip about the knob lady with all the other Pyrex in the cabinet.

All in all not a too bad of a day. Glad I came home with something. I also got my cradles that are not on display up on the wall so THH doesn't run into them anymore. And I kept them in the kitchen as requested.  He underestimates my organizational skills. I am a pro.

I hope I didn't offend anyone calling the lady, hell it could be a man, a knob. Im just saying that $35 for 1 verde pixie makes me shake my head and wonder about the booth owner.

My "haul"  LOL


  1. Oh, that is so funny. Knob is such an Australian term, you are now an honorary Aussie! Grins, Julie from Sydney who pops over every so often from The Pyrex Collective

  2. Hanging the cradles is a great idea!